Sweet Sweets


Happy New Years!!! I’m a little behind on my posts, but it’s okay I guess. Anyways, I have bad, terrible news. My stupid sibling who I don’t want to consider my sibling anymore is taking the camera back to L.A, meaning I’ll be camera-less (kind of) for at least half a year. I’m planning on getting a nice, professional, camera with the money I earn from my summer job. But that won’t be until…well, the summer. So I’m..basically screwed. Well, I still have my phone camera (crappy) and the other alternative, a camera on the digital video camera (also sucky, remember the pictures for the Vanilla Apollo? or at least some of them) But there’s no helping it, I guess. So these last few posts will contain the last of the good quality pictures. So sad. Well, it’s more sad for me, because the pictures are like a keepsake of the snacks, so having crappy quality makes me upset!!!!!!!!! Anyways, moving on…

Since I haven’t gotten anything for a Holiday Special, I’ll present you guys with this instead. Pictures of sweets and stuff that I didn’t buy (but wanted) from my last haul.

The first bunch are all from Nijiya. Starting with this one, “ちょこづつみ”, chocolate dutsumi. It’s kind of a tongue twister to say.. It basically looks like a piece of mochi dusted in cocoa powder with chocolate filling. (Actually, ganache, according to the review by Tasty Japan) This looks really good, and I do want to give it a try (especially after reading the review), but the thing was, that it was just too expensive for today.

These are the Ume Pretz that I considered buying last time, but didn’t. And again, ended up not purchasing it. (I’m probably going to regret it one day when they don’t sell it anymore) To the right of the Pretz boxes is, I believe, purple yam flavored Crunky. Now, I haven’t tried Crunky before, but I think it would be an awful lot like Crunch. The yam flavored part kind of turns me off though. (To the left is, you guessed it, Pumpkin flavored Pocky. Honestly, I don’t like Pumpkin very much, but I love Kanata. So, if I had to, I might have given it a try.)

Although the Crisp Choco box is bigger, the thing I was attracted to was actually the tiny thing next to it. The chocolate purin candy, actually called, なめらかプリン. I think it was exactly that, chocolate that is supposed to taste and look like purin. To be honest, I don’t like the flavor of purin that much. I think it’s the caramel part that kind of gets to me. I still love Miyu though, but I have to say, not my favorite choice. Of course, the Crisp Choco box looks delicious too. I love the eyes, and it looks just like a pizza cut into slices.

This looks really yummy too, Choco Waffle. I guess it would just be what it is.

After a delicious first Kit Kat, I’m sure this one wouldn’t have disappointed. It’s an “adult” Kit Kat, it says “オトナのsomething”. I can’t really make out that last character anymore, crappy quality. Sorry! When they say “adult”, I’m just going to assume that it would’ve been dark chocolate. But who knows.

I’ve wanted to try an Oreo bar for a long time, but then I get reminded that I don’t really even like Oreos that much. This one is apple flavored. Sounds okay, but I don’t know. Maybe one day.

These look delicious, I saw them when I was in L.A, but I couldn’t afford them. I think it’s part of the “sweets torte” collection, I’m not sure. I can’t remember it exactly. On the left is Mont Blanc, and on the right is Chocolate Tart. The thing is, I don’t like chestnuts very much (I’m a really picky eater), but Mont Blancs have always interested me, probably because they look so delicious.

This Calpis candy looks really good. It reminds me of snow cones, and looks very tempting. The only thing preventing me from buying this is that one of the flavors is grape. For me, grape candies never work out. Only once have they worked. Maybe, this could be the second time.

Now this looks good, Yogurfrul. I assume they would be similar to Calpis soft candies. The tag says “Cassis and Blue”. I’m not really sure how that would taste, seeing as I don’t really know what “cassis” is.

Oh man, despite how delicious this looks, I won’t be tricked again. I already know that Sweets Gum is infamous. That burst of delicious juice at the beginning only lasts for about a minute. But, these are truly tempting me. On the right is Creme Brulee and the left was some kind of mousse, I forget what flavor exactly. Raspberry maybe.

EEP! So you know how I said if I were to purchase an expensive stamp, it would have to be a really good one. Well this one qualifies. I found it at Kinokuniya, and I wanted it so badly! The only problem, it was like, $20. Oh my gosh. But aughadkdfsgsdg! I want it so bad!!!!! I love Alice in Wonderland.

These are cute too, but not as much as the rabbit! They were still really expensive though, like $6. I’ll probably give in one day.

I was taking a look at a lot of the calendars. There are some that I really want! This one is really cute, I forget the title but it had something to do with cupcakes. So these are apple/blueberry pie cupcakes. It looks so delicious!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these photos. Hope you guys have a happy New Years Day, and I hope that the rest of the year goes great for you!


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  1. 1 Kelly @ Tasty Japan

    They all look yum. By the way “Cassis” is blackcurrant I believe, and you can also get Cassis that is Rose flavoured. I’ve tried it in both snacks and perfume and it was nice, it’s not a strong flavour, it’s usually paired with something else unless it’s wine.

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