Review #88: Sunflower Field Honey Candy 「ひまわり畑のはちみつ」


I was mainly drawn to this candy because of the sunflowers. I love sunflowers. But, I should’ve been more careful. Anything with citrus and honey probably is a cough drop candy. Ahh, but my love for sunflowers got in the way of my logical thinking. The packaging is cute though. I love the little bee, as well as the dripping honey over the citruses.

Lying in a sunflower field, sounds absolutely divine. If only…

Rating: A

I bought this at Nijiya for $2.99 (kind of expensive now that I think about it) Can’t find it anywhere online (though I don’t really recommend it)

The taste reminds me of cough drop candies, but not quite as medicinal. There is of course, a slight medicinal lemon taste, because it obviously does not taste just of sweet/tangy lemon(with honey of course). I have to say, I did expect for this, well, only after I bought it of course. I’m glad it doesn’t taste as medicinal, but it’s still not that great, simply because I don’t have a cold so, it’s not as “relieving”.  (3/5)

The orange one has more honey to it, I think. It’s sweet, but there’s something weird to it. I think the honey added to the orange makes it taste kind of like tamarind (which I kind of hate). It’s bearable, but not so good. (3/5)

I find it interesting that the front says there’s Vitamin C, or at least I think that’s what it says. It definitely says something about Vitamin C, I don’t know what the two characters after it are though. Anyways, so it says something, yet on the back, it says “Vitamin C: 0%” Uhm, so what’s with that?

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 2.45oz (70g)
Serving Size: 7.76oz (23.3g)
Servings: 3
Calories: 93.2
Total Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 0mg
Total Carb: 22.6g
Sugars: 22.6g
Calcium: 0.1%

The packaging is cute, mostly because I’m attracted to the sunflowers. The taste…isn’t so good. I should’ve known these were cough drops! Because I don’t have a sore throat or anything, the medicinal taste just grosses me out. I should’ve known this would be bad, because this candy is from the same company that made the Grainy Strawberry Milk Candy that was part of the Strawberry Days (Sakuma).

Overall Rating: C+

I’m so stupid, I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of these. I won’t buy these again (I don’t normally eat cough drops when I have a cold anyways). I guess I would recommend these if you had a cold, but I’m not entirely sure of the effectiveness.

Rating Scale:
(A = Amazing.)
B = Good.
(C+ = Above Average.)
C = Average/Passing.
D = Bad
F = Inedible.

This product doesn’t show up on the website, but check it out anyways.


2 Responses to “Review #88: Sunflower Field Honey Candy 「ひまわり畑のはちみつ」”

  1. 1 cybele

    I was looking at those last time I was in Nijiya. I usually pick up a hard candy that’s just called 100% Honey and was hoping those were a similar version.

    Now I’m glad I didn’t.

    Thanks for the comprehensive review.

  2. 2 liz

    ooooo, I LOVE these! I wish I could find a way to buy them back in America! :(

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