Happy Anniversary!


It’s the one-year anniversary of Sweets Blog! Wow, this is a big accomplishment for me, because I never do things for this long. I’m the type of person who would do a puzzle half way and then leave it to gather dust in a corner. Let’s do a little statistics.

I’ve published 110 posts (if you include this one), reviewed 90 products – starting with Strawberry Milk Candy from Daiso and ending the year with the most recent Jyanjyaka Soda Candy. According to WordPress, I’ve had 6,672 views, with 157 views on my busiest day(August 21, 2010) and 115 comments. The month I did the most posts in was July 2010. I’ve reviewed 50 candies, 9 drinks, 3 gums and 29 snacks and 14 of these reviews have earned “A+“. Now take a moment, and stare at this number for at least 15 seconds, because I spent a long time to come up with it. So far, I’ve spent approximately $117.88 on sweets for this blog (that includes posts that I haven’t published yet). Of course, that number does not include gifted snacks and ones that my parents bought for me/the whole family. It’s kind of expensive, but not that surprising/shocking. It’s actually a lot less than I thought. I was just guessing in my head and I rounded, approximately $3X70 or so, and I got like $200 for the total. So that scared me. But seeing this number makes me feel better…I guess. LOL, I don’t know.

Thanks so much to everyone! I’ve met some really cool people over the year, and I’m so glad to have started and kept with this blog.

To be honest, I don’t really remember why I started this blog. I think my I was inspired by people like Japanese Snack Reviews and Tasty Japan. But for now, I think my reasons for continuing with this blog are to log it for myself and to inform others of what’s “good” and what’s “bad”.

I hope I’ll be able to continue this blog for years to come (with more commenters/readers maybe!). And perhaps, when I hopefully move to Japan one day, I’ll be able to review even more obscure snacks.

I want to do a special give away, but I don’t have anything to give away at the moment. (Plus, I don’t have many active readers, so maybe next time) Anyways, let’s move on to today’s topic.

So from now on, I’m going to have a new layout for the reviews. The packaging won’t be rated anymore, for obvious reasons. I mean, if it isn’t a good packaging, why would I even buy the product (unless it was gifted or on sale). I will mention about the packaging, if it’s worth mentioning, but otherwise, nothing.

Therefore, the bulk of the review will just be based on the taste (with nutritional facts). The review is no longer going to be a grade-based system. But a simple “banner”. (Or something I tried to make..a sticker I guess)

Here are the five in descending order of greatness.

OMG Delicious – Well, it means exactly what it means in terms of the rating. Since it’s OMG Delicious, I obviously recommend it and therefore would hypothetically buy it again.

Nummy – It’s great, but not drop dead delicious. I would recommend this too. There’s a possibility that this would be “hypothetically buy again” and “not”. So that would be stated.

Ehh – It’s not bad, it’s not that great. It’s okay, nothing special. The recommendation and possibility of a repurchase would be stated.

Bad – Self explanatory. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend this (unless it’s only bad because I don’t like it, I.E. nuts/bananas/etc). And definitely no hypothetical repurchase.

Barf – Self explanatory. Definitely not recommended or a hypothetical repurchase.

Thanks for a great year!

2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. 1 Tasty Japan

    Happy Anniversary! The $ all add up but somehow we don’t notice.. :) Glad to see you’re still blogging away and here’s to another year of snacks! :) I should really get back on the bandwagon too…was just thinking about it the other day. :)

    • Thanks! LOL, yup. Kehehe, well, all in good time right? If you’re still feeling unwell, you shouldn’t push yourself. But if you really want to, go ahead. I’ll be waiting for you to come back!~ :D

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