Haul #13


One thing at a time, first of all, it seems my sister didn’t take the camera, for whatever reason. I didn’t mention it earlier, because, well, those were still the pictures I took before she left. So an explanation wasn’t necessary.

Second, I actually went to Japantown on Monday. But I couldn’t get this haul posted until today, because when I got back on Monday, it was already too dark outside. And Tuesday, I didn’t get back until even later (because Tuesdays, I always have school, then club, then piano lessons, one after the other).

Thirdly, I realized that it’s kind of weird for me, to go to Japantown and buy “just snacks”. Or at least, like, I don’t know. I mean, I did it before, but now it seems kind of weird (you can tell from my hauls). Because before, I used to go just to get snacks. But then lately, I’ve been going and getting some snacks, but also various other goods. I don’t know, I still bought some “other stuff”, but it was weird. Especially since I used a basket to make all the snack purchases (I got them all at Nijiya).

First, this. I didn’t actually buy this. I got it “for free” at Nijiya, or at least, I think it was free. It’s a stack of magazines by the door. And if they have so many without a price tag, I assume they’re free. It’s called “Gochiso” and they basically have a lot of yummy looking pictures of food and recipes and things like that. Dang, I should have taken the picture of the Christmas cake instead. Oh well.

The cute stuff first. I wasn’t planning on buying “other stuff”, only snacks. But I just had to have this. It was so cute! I saw it at Kinokuniya and I had to have it! (Well, I planned only on getting it if my friends got stuff so that I could get more stamps. In the end, I got two! :D) I hate that the big sticker gets in the way of the Little Mermaid though. But I tried peeling it and I think I’ll leave sticky stuff. And I can’t switch the sticker to face the back because there’s another sticker there. FML.

Anyways, reason 1 why I had to get it: Alice in Wonderland! I love that they have Alice, the Cheshire Cat AND the white rabbit. Kehehe. You can also see Cinderella (who doesn’t look very happy) and who I’m assuming to be, Sleeping Beauty.

Reason 2: Peter Pan (My absolute favorite Disney movie<3) I’m upset that they didn’t have Wendy on here (Hook is somewhere else, and there’s John).

So I actually changed my mind about the Re-Ment, big food thing. It looks really cute&pretty in pictures, but in real life, it’s not that great. I saw this a box of these Re-Ment charms last time, but they were sold out! They had three left, and I bought two. Although I want all of these, these were not my favorites .

The first one I opened is supposedly “Refreshing Fruit Bread”… (Well, if you say so).

And the second one is “Rilakkuma Face Bread”.

I’ll show you all the options, but I’m only going to do a little bit of translating (ie: what I know) because last time was too troublesome.

1. Something French Bread
2. Rilakkuma Face Bread (Check)
7. Refreshing Fruit Bread (Check)
8. Fluffy Something Bread

3. Something Bread
4. Chocolate Something Cornet
5. Picnic Sandwich
6. Something Donuts
7. Strawberry Sandwich
10. Crispy Melon Bread
11. Croquette Bread
12. Wreath Bread

I wanted number 9 (or 5)!!!!

I ended up getting a lot of snacks that I showed you guys last time.

I’m a little bit worried, because I only bought 6 (which brings me to about 2/28/2011), which means I’ll have to go back soon to get more. But I don’t get a break much in the following months. Sigh, I guess I’ll worry about it later.

Finally bought the Saku Saku Panda & Ume Pretz that I’ve been looking at for (at least) the past two trips.

&Some more chocolate products: Choco Dutsumi and Sweets Torte (Chocolate Tart).

And last but not least, Pudding Chocolate and Kinako Mochi (lots of chocolate this time, perhaps I’ll do a chocolate week or something…once I come up with a more catchy title).


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  1. 1 Tasty Japan

    Ahh so you finally managed to get some Tirol! (kinako mochi) Good on ya! :)

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