Review #95: World Sweets 「世界の国のお菓子なキャンディ」


Did I already tell you the story in a previous haul? Well, I’ll do it again, briefly. I saw this at Nijiya while I was waiting for my friend to come, and it was the last pack. I wanted to see if it was cheaper at the market across the street (where the possibility they had it was pretty high), so I hid it behind boxes of Lucky. It turned out the market didn’t have it, so I came back to get this and buy it. But, at first, I couldn’t find it because I thought I had hidden it behind the boxes of Strawberry Pocky, so I freaked out at first. But then I remembered.

Because the fact that this was the last pack, I was also drawn to it because the packaging was super cute! It gives me the…Disneyland – It’s A Small World kind of feeling. I know that a lot of people get annoyed at the song, but I don’t. I mean, I’m not in love with it or anything, but I like it enough that when I went to L.A (Disneyland) during the summer, I went on this ride (Only once though, okay, just to make sure you don’t think I’m obsessed or anything).

The people are super cute, I especially love the cowboy. And that’s NOT because I live in America. He’s just…he is the cutest, to me at least. The thing is, though, this candy is a little bit….stereotypical I guess. I mean, I can’t speak for all these countries, but definitely, in America, not everyone is a cowboy/wears a cowboy hat. And especially in the city I live, we’re, I mean, Asians are the majority, but we’re pretty diverse.

The squirrel playing the violin is also really cute. SQUIRREL! (Reminds me of the movie, Up. Which wasn’t a bad movie, but I didn’t like it as much as a lot of other people. In other words: I didn’t cry in the beginning scene.)

I really do love sweets, and fancy sweets (Hello? Sweets Blog?) as in desserts too.


Cheesecake (Switzerland) 「チーズケーキ : スイス」
Whether Switzerland is really famous for cheesecake or not, I don’t know. All I know is, that I only like some cheesecakes. Some are pretty good (like the frozen Sara Lee one my mom buys often), and some are kind of bad (the ones that taste too much of cheese that if you eat too much, you get sick of it).

Well, at least it’s not strawberry cheesecake this time. This one is kind of a sad in terms of appearance. It’s pretty much all yellow, while the others had a swirl of colors(though it may be hard to tell in the picture). The taste is definitely cheesecake. And I think I taste a little bit of lemon in it as well. It really captures the taste of the cheesecake well, but without the nauseating part of too much cheese. I think I would like it if my cheesecake were like this (with those hints of lemon).

Tiramisu (Italy) 「ティラミス : イタリア」
I love Tiramisu! But I’m a bit wary of this candy, because Tiramisu snacks+Japanese companies don’t always turn out the very best.

The taste is pretty good. A little bit bitter, but also sweet. And it definitely has traces of cocoa. I’m impressed. Although, I wouldn’t say that this is 100% definitely Tiramisu tasting, it’s close. Definitely love the cocoa/coffee bitterness (along with a milky sweetness, I know I’m repeating). This is definitely pretty awesome, way better than the Toppo Tiramisu, now that was a disappointment.

Strawberry Mille-feuille (France)「苺のミルフィーユ : フランス」
I can not even pronounce this. It’s like Mille-fuekakdngkladgiageljblah. I can’t do it! Wah! I’ve been interested in this dessert ever since I saw it as a recipe in the manga, Kitchen Princess (love the series!). Mille-feuille means, “a thousand leaves”, it’s so beautiful sounding. The thing is, the other name is not as pretty, Napoleon. I’ve had Napoleon before, and it’s pretty good. But I haven’t had a Strawberry Mille-feuille, because the Napoleon I had was a “plain” flavor I guess.

It smells lightly of strawberry, but very light. I think the color is really cute though, pink+white, even though I don’t like the color pink that much. At first, there was a tiny burst of tangy strawberry. But after a few seconds, the taste of condensed milk comes trailing along, but lightly. It tastes pretty good, but I can’t really say that it tastes like “strawberry mille-feuille”. There’s the point that I haven’t had it before, but also, I am aware of how difficult it probably is to get an accurate taste of desserts in a candy. It’s like…Willy Wonka, with that gum that had a full meal.

A little while after, the milky taste disappears and we’re left with strawberry tang once more. So, it does taste pretty good, but dessert-like…hmmm. Maybe more like a strawberry shortcake, or strawberry tart.

Apple Pie (America) 「アップルパイ : アメリカ」
I suppose, America is stereo-typically known for Apple Pie (at least for a dessert). But, at the same time, not really. Personally, my favorite pie, is Apple, but not just regular apple pie. I love Dutch Apple Pie the best.

It doesn’t smell like anything, but at the very least, the color provides a sense of apple pie ness. Mmm, that’s good. The taste is of a tangy apple, but then there’s also the taste of…I want to say cinnamon, but I’m not sure. Maybe…burnt caramel? Either way, it definitely captures the essence of apple pie, seeing as there is apple flavor and “crust” flavor. I really like this.

Mango Pudding (China) 「マンゴプリン : 中国」
I can’t say for sure whether China really is “famous” for Mango Pudding or not. All I know is that once when I was in HK for vacation, my cousin (the one who brought the HK Hauls) brought my sister and me to this restaurant where everything on the menu was mango. It was really good actually, picture below.

Anyhoo, like the rest, the color resembles the sweet. Which is great. Don’t you hate it when the color and the flavor don’t match? The taste is certainly mango, and it does taste a little pudding like. I really like this. The mango is sweet (and is also one of my favorite fruits). There are two kinds of mango pudding, the bad kinds and the good ones. The good ones are…kind of rare, I suppose it depends where you get it from. In any case, this is a good one. Thumbs up.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 2.99oz (85g)
Serving Size: 30g
Servings: about 3 (I counted 23 pieces)
Calories: 116
Total Fat: less than 1g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 17mg
Total Carbohydrate: 29g
Sugars Alcohol: 29g
Protein: 0g

I bought this at Nijiya for $2.89. Get them for $6.00 at FromJapan2u (it says it’s on hold though, whatever that means).


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