Holiday Special #4: Valentine’s Day


I’m so iffy about these Holiday Specials. I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to do them. Certainly, they’re interesting, but the thing is, American sweets don’t really appeal to me anymore. Or well, it’s just that I keep seeing the same things over and over again, Skittles, M&M’s, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, etc. There’s nothing fresh, nothing new.

Italian Ice sure sounds wonderful right about now. I’ve never really tried Italian Ice exactly, but I love sorbets and gelatos, which are similar.

Lemon –
Mmm, it’s tart and sweet. Definitely lemony. I really like the texture of Mike&Ikes. They’re chewy, but not sticky, like caramels. Kehh, I don’t have much to say about this.

Orange –
Before eating this, my question is, how will orange be different from lemon? I mean, I know they’re both different tastes, but they both should be sweet&tart. Well, not always for oranges. Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of oranges though. They’re really good right now, sweet with a little bit of tartness from time to time.

Oooh. I like this. It’s sweet and tart, like I thought. But not in the same way. This one isn’t really an orange juice kind of taste, sort of, orange yogurt (the Orange Creme from Yoplait). It reminds me of an amusement park.

Cherry –
I hate cherry. I mean, the fruit it okay (it USED to be one of my favorite fruits, but not so much anymore), it’s the taste of cherry candies. They always end up tasting like cherry medicine or something, gross! I’d rather take pills then have to swallow down cherry or grape medicine. Disgusting!

This one is tart too, the sour juices came squirting out when I bit into it. Mmm, it’s not that bad. I mean, it’s still not the best flavor in the world, but it doesn’t taste as bad as some cherry medicine flavored candies.

Blue Raspberry –
I like the flavor blue raspberry, but I always wonder about it. Why blue raspberry? I mean, raspberries are red. Blackberries are black. Blueberries are blue. So why do you have to go and make a blue raspberry? On the other hand, I really like the color on this piece. It’s kind of a pastel color, very pretty (so is the green one!)

Tart&Sweet again. Ooh, I like it. This is my favorite so far. It tastes like normal blue raspberry candies do. Which is kind of hard to explain. I’ve eaten raspberries before, not often, but I can’t say the two flavors are similar. Though, I don’t really like fresh raspberries very much in the first place.

Watermelon –
Why green? Watermelon should be pink. I mean, I understand if it’d be confused with cherry or strawberry or raspberry or whatever, but there’s only one red flavor in this box – cherry, and it’s a dark red. And, green can be confused with lime. Although, I’d probably expect lime to be a lighter green – “lime green” rather than this dark “sea green”.

Nummy watermelon flavor. It seriously tastes like watermelon – the artificial kind that is. I don’t like watermelons that much though, they’re not that sweet, especially if you get down to the rind. This reminds me of the watermelon candy I had before though.

I bought it at Walgreens for $1. You can buy it from the online Walgreen site (same price for now, it’s a sale item), Groovy Candies ($1.99), or Made in America Store ($1.50).

Read reviews by Candy Yum Yum!, Candy Addict, Candy Blog and Wisconsin Candy Dish.

These are pretty good, to eat mindlessly while watching a movie, but they aren’t much for real enjoyment, if you understand. I would hypothetically buy it again though.

Just a note, but I was recently on Asian Food Grocer and they’re having a sale on chocolate. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. There’s Dars (all flavors) on sale for $.99 (review for White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate) and Kit Kat Semisweet for $.75 (I’ve never tried it, but it  sounds good!). Get them now, hurry!



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