Haul #14


It’s the rainy season over here, which is totally drab. It’s not that I dislike the rain. But.. well, for one thing, all my “cute” clothes are summery. I don’t have any cute “winter” clothes. And then it also gets annoying when I want to do things outside.

Anyways, I made the plan to go to Japantown on Wednesday, like a month ago. I did not expect the rain. But I couldn’t let the weather ruin this day, because I had to go. I haven’t gone in a while, and I ran out of snacks. It wasn’t that bad though, the rain was pretty light. For some reason, it felt like an adventure. Taking the bus there took an hour, and it was so stuffy inside the bus. But then going home was better. I felt like, going there was a completely different day. Like…have you ever had one of those days when it drags on for so long that things that happened only an hour ago felt like a completely different day? Well yeah, that’s what it felt like.

Got some NeruNeruNeruNe. They were also selling Poppin’ Cooking at Nijiya, but I didn’t really feel like getting it. I saw the videos, and they look fun to make, but honestly not that tasty looking. They were selling this one and the ice cream one. I’d much rather spend my 3 dollars somewhere else. Also got a different flavor Sweet Tortes (seeing how well the last one turned out) and a different flavor Milky (since I liked that too). And then the chips isn’t really the same as the Jagabee, but it looks similar so I thought I’d give it a try. Chelsea and Yogurfrul. I’m excited to try these!

And got some new erasers!!! Aren’t they cute? I was glad I found the tape at Ichiban’kan, because that’s where it’s the cheapest. And they never used to have it there. I also recently got some display cases for my erasers (well, I got them at a different Ichiban’kan and technically they’re supposed to be “CD cases” but whatever. I wanted to wait until I got new erasers to show you guys them).

This is before.

And this is after I added it in! Not much of a difference, huh. (Not including the obvious. I took the first picture after I took that box off.) Top right is school supplies, I still need two charms, and the girl’s shoe&backpack. Top left is snacks, I don’t know what to do with it since it’s a big category but it’s fine for now. Bottom right is Japanese sweets, it’s done now!!! And Bottom left is ice cream, also done now!

And this is all the rest. They live in the house for now, until I get more cases. But I want to display them in categories. I don’t have anywhere to put the teeth for now, so it’s still in it’s package.




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