Review #114: Look:18「ルック – エイティーン」


I’ve been looking at a lot of food blogs lately, and I really feel like cooking. Maybe when I get out of here, I’ll make a blog with the food-food I eat. But I’d probably only do that if what I make turns out looking good.

I don’t think I said this before, but I actually saw this box of Look chocolates before. I passed over it, because I think at that time, I had those three boxes of Look already, moreover, when I read the box, it seemed like there was only 3 different flavors instead of the usual four. I promised myself though, that the next time I went, I would get it. Unfortunately, they didn’t sell it anymore. But, alas, luck beheld me again that day and they were selling it again. So I grabbed at it.

Ganache Cream「ガナッシュクリーム」

Mmm, yummy. It reminds me of the Chocolate Zutsumi, only without the mochi part. Awesome! The pieces are so tiny though, that it’s hard to tell the flavor. Or like, you can tell the flavor, but I can’t think of words to describe it fast enough before it dissolves.

This is what I wanted! My wish is granted. It’s kind of dark, but still sweet. And it definitely reminds me of the Chocolate Zutsumi.

Truffle Cream「トリュフクリーム」
To be honest, when I just read it in Japanese, I thought it sounded a lot more like “triffle”, though I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense. But personally, I would spell truffle like this “トラフル” (to-ra-fu-ru). Right now, the spelling says “to-ryu-fu”, which I personally think sounds more like triffle.

Yum, I like chocolate. It started out dark and just like normal chocolate, but as I got towards the end, I felt it kind of drifted into a sort of chocolate pudding kind of taste. That’s the only way I can really describe it… I would give it close to the truffle taste, I suppose. It has the dark taste of the outer coating of most truffles. Speaking of which, I have a bag of really delicious ones from Costco.

Chocolate Mousse「チョコレートムース」
The pieces only really vary in shade of brown…which is ridiculous. It’s less dark than the Truffle cream, and it kind of starts out chocolate pudding-y, instead of getting there. Well, to be honest, it tastes like the chocolate cream part of a cake, not so much the chocolate pudding. I’d say it’s pretty close to tasting like chocolate mousse, I’d give it that.

Sorry, it’s really hard to describe since they’re tinier than usual.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 1.65oz (47g)
Serving Size: 6 pieces (15.7g)
Servings: 3
Calories: 85
Total Fat: 4.5g
Sat Fat: 1g
Cholesterol: 0g
Sodium: 10mg
Sugars: 9g
Protein: 1g

Cost: I bought it for $2.38.

You can get this at$5.29) or napaJapan($2.99).

P.S. The next review won’t be until the 24th (Easter), for a number of reasons I won’t bore you with.


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