Haul #16


I’ve decided to make the watermark lighter from now on. To be honest, I considered getting rid of it entirely, because I didn’t want to seem pretentious or anything. But at the same time, I don’t want people to use my photos without asking or anything (well, more so for the ones I really like, but it would be weird if I only did watermarks on those). So yeah.

When I can see 3 hauls show up on one page of posts, I know I’ve been going to Japantown too much lately. There’s been only 6 posts between this haul and the last, and 7 posts between the last haul and the one before it.

Well, then again, it might just be because I’ve changed it to four days between posts. But that’s still a bad excuse, because looking at the dates, the last two were both in March, and this one is April. Oh well.

They opened a new Daiso…kind of. Well, they basically just moved it down the hall. But they moved into this shop that used to sell antiques, so it’s much bigger now. Which is awesome!!! Because now they have more stuff :D

I’m completely satisfied with my food purchases, even though it wasn’t much. It will last long enough until the next time I go to Japantown…actually, maybe not… I should have gotten more since I’ll need a lot of candy during finals week. Darn. Oh well. There wasn’t a lot of new stuff in stock, so I wasn’t really tempted by a lot of the goods.

Then, more erasers! Yay! And I bought two more boxes too, to fit them. Check out more pictures on my flickr.

Wow, that was probably the shortest haul ever…


4 Responses to “Haul #16”

  1. 1 Tasty Japan

    At that daiso do they sell food too? They opened on in AUs but not in my city, which is a pain. And what is the cost of everything? Is it all $2?

    • They do sell food (mostly candy), but to be honest, the ones they sell don’t look that good to me, it’s all really plain. Everything is $1.50 unless otherwise marked. Or at least it is here, I’m not sure if it’d be different in AU.
      Aww, that sucks. Is it really far away though?
      Anyways, how are you doing lately? You’re almost due right?

      • 3 Kelly

        Ahh ok. Actually I had my baby 5 weeks ago now… haha time flies! I’ve got a heap of snacks to blog about but finding the time to take photo’s and blog is really hard. I’m hoping to get to some this week! :)

      • Oh really? I would like to see some pictures, if you can. :D What’s his/her name?

        Haha, I see. Well take your time. The baby needs more attention than your blog does. :)

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