Review #115: Tirol Mix「チロル ミックス」


I’ve been eying this for awhile, but I wasn’t sure because I don’t like almonds. But I wondered if green tea would trump that. I really hope it does. There was actually two different Tirol mix packs. The other one had Castella (which I heard wasn’t that good) and regular Milk Tirol.

I’ve recently discovered a new and super cute method of taking photos. What better way than to use my Iwako Eraser collection? (I was inspired after seeing a few pictures from Green Tea, check it out, they’re really cute!)

There are more pictures on my Flickr (because I couldn’t fit them all here).

Green Tea Milk 「抹茶みるく」
I love the swirl on the back of this. It’s really pretty. The picture is within the Flickr link above though.

Mmm, wow. During the first couple seconds, I didn’t actually get a taste of anything, like at all. If I were to describe it, it would be like eating a crayon…not that I ever did. But the texture (and color) kind of reminds me of it. So yeah, basically, it’s bland to start with. And then it became more milky, and then came the green tea flavor. It was bitter, but it was a nice complement to the milky sweetness.

I love it. I’m not sure how well the bland part at the beginning fits in. Maybe it’s good, so that you can delve into the goodness, or maybe it’s useless and should start sweet. I don’t know – and probably will never know – but I do know that it is good. :)

I don’t like most nuts. I’m fine with peanuts, cashews and pistachios, but that’s about it. I’ve thought about this countless times, and passed over it countless times because of the almond. But I finally decided to get it, for two reasons. I really wanted the green tea. And I want to broaden my horizon, though it’s not really reaching out that much.

The picture on the wrapping, and the picture on the chocolate are both really cute. Yummy milk chocolate, I’m still really in the mood for chocolate right now. >3<

It was strange. But not as bad as I thought. The almond seemed like it was glazed, it was really sweet (and I know it’s not all from the milk chocolate surrounding it). It still had a taste of normal almonds, which I don’t really like. So this piece is okay, I guess. I mean, it’s better than I expected, but not that great that I would change my mind about not liking almonds in general.

White and Cookie Crunch「ホワイト&クッキー」
I’ve already reviewed one similar to this, it was Strawberry&Cookie Crunch though. I don’t think would be that much different.

And I’m not wrong, so I won’t really repeat myself. I’ll say a little bit though. This is basically like an Oreo (which I admit, I do love), only flipped. Instead of the cream being inside the cookie, the cream is surrounding the cookie.

I have the same problem with these that I do with the one last time, there’s just too much cookie bits and not enough cream. I mean, I understand that in an Oreo, the cookie amount trumps the cream amount. Buuuut, this is supposed to be chocolate. And since the cream is the chocolate, it should be more than the cookie bits, but it doesn’t, not even close. So yeah, that’s the only real problem I have with it (still).

Coffee Nougat「コーヒーヌガー」
I like the intense, bitter coffee taste. It’s amazing. I really really super love it. The only thing that bothers me is the nougat. Because it’s hard, like caramel. I mean, as far as flavoring goes, I think it goes well today. Something sweet with something bitter. But I don’t like the texture of the nougat. Well, I suppose if I pop the whole thing at once it’d be okay. Actually, probably not.

I really do love the coffee taste though. It’s so bitter to the point that it’s sweet, if that makes any sense.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 1.97oz (56g)
Serving Size: 56g
Calories: 282
Total Fat: 17g
Sat Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 48mg
Total Carbohydrate: 29g
Sugars: 29g
Protein: 3g

I bought this for $1.99 at Nijiya. At napaJapan, you can buy a set of four Coffee Nougat ($2.50) or the other mix I mentioned in the beginning ($2.69).

Since this isn’t a set pack (meaning you can buy it in a different mix), I’ll rate them separately.

Green Tea&Coffee Nougat –

White Cookie Crunch&Almond –

Read Snack Love and Pocky Watch’s review on the White and Cookie Crunch, Snack Love also reviewed the Green Tea one (her review helped me decide to get this), Japanese Snack Reviews reviewed the Almond one, and Tasty Japan reviewed this very pack.


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