Haul #17


I want to make my posts – or well, my writing, more interesting. Something that makes people actually want to read it. But how… ?

Oh well, whatever I guess.

My grandma gave both my sister and I $60 each the day before I went to Japantown. Jackpot ! I was happy. I only spent $20 of that $60… Okay, I admit, I also spent that $4 that was already in my wallet.

So, I couldn’t take an entire photo with all my sh!t together for personal reasons. But I did manage to take individual shots. And then (well, I thought of this idea while I was taking the pictures, which, by the way, was while I was walking) I thought individual pictures would take up to much room/I don’t have the perseverance to upload them all. So I made a “collage” I suppose that’s what you would call it.

These are arranged into the places I got them from. First up is Daiso.

Yup. Erasers at Daiso are better – in terms of price. Because it’s $1.50+tax for three, instead of Ichiban’kan where it’s $.75 each or Amiko where it’s $.80 each or Kinokuniya/Papertree where it’s $.98 each. Plus tax of course.

The only bad thing is that you can’t choose what you get. Sigh. That’s where my problem came in today. I wanted that bell pepper + carrot and I also wanted the pumpkin + corn, but both of the packages included a potato. And I didn’t want double. In the end, I gave one of the potato away to my friend.

On the bottom left hand corner is curry, ramen (I think) and sushi (tuna). I haven’t really started collecting the sushi yet. Which is like…weird, isn’t it? But the thing is, there are two that I don’t like in the entire set. And I feel like it’d be a waste if I didn’t get them because it wouldn’t finish my collection, but yeah…

And then the Kiwi Gummy Candy was just kind of an extra. I haven’t bought candy from Daiso in a while (because it’s really lame products compared to Nijiya/Market). See the thing was, I had those three erasers (which totals around $4.50), but I wanted to break my $20. So I just got that package to make me feel less bad about using a $20. Well, I did want gummies anyways. REAL gummies, after having to deal with those Poppin’ Cookin’ fake gummies. >.<”

Ichiban’kan is where I usually get my erasers. (And I haven’t gotten food here in a while either…) It’s still the cheapest (aside from Daiso) place to get erasers.

They had some new stuff today. It hung on hooks. It has a different packaging than the old ones. See the two on the bottom, see how the whole thing is plastic. Yeah, that’s the new design. I’m going to miss that paper slip (the top two are still in old packaging)…well, not that it’s gone completely.

Starting in the top left and working clockwise, first up is the charms. I already had the blue and yellow ones for a while. And I finally bought the red and pink ones, which completes the set. It probably took only like, oh, a year or so.

3 dinner plates. It took me forever to find the 3rd one. I kept digging and digging, but there wasn’t any. These have been around a while, but not at Ichiban’kan. This is the first time I’ve seen them, so I snatched them up. Isn’t it funny (not really) how all three plates have string beans on them? I can switch them around and no one will ever know. :D

GREEN HEDGEHOG! This was only recently released (in May), so I’m surprised Ichiban’kan had them. But all the more reason to get it. Also recently released is the Maneki Neko and Kokeshi Doll erasers (It’s the same link for both eraser pictures). I SO want them! But unfortunately, I didn’t see any. Well, I did see a few Maneki Nekos at Papertree. But $.98 is… I’ll try and wait for it to come to Ichiban’kan/Daiso. If not, then I’ll just get it at Papertree or something.

DESSERTS are also new! I love the ice cream cone crepe. It looks deeeelicious. The macaroon looks good too. I’ve never actually tried a macaroon. They definitely look pretty (kind of like Pretty Patties). But I don’t like coconuts or well, nuts in general. so… And then just a cruller. It was between this one and a pink one. My friend said brown (chocolate) looks more real.

It’s really cute, the first one. It says “jyuu” and then C in English (obviously). So it’s like “juicy”. I just find that adorable. I remember Tasty Japan reviewing a “jyuu-C” product, though it was grape flavored. It’s basically a tablet inside, but the container reminds me of lip gloss or something.

Meiji Black Chocolate, pretty self-explanatory as to what it is. I wasn’t actually planning on buying this, it was kind of a whim. I’ve seen it around for a while, but it hasn’t interested me (mainly because of the packaging – I know it’s one of those silver foils where it’s super sensitive so when I try to rip a little it exposes the whole bar and there’s no way to re wrap it or whatever). My friend pointed out that the milk chocolate bar (which was bigger) happened to be cheaper than the white chocolate bar (which was smaller, by about 20g). Then, I turned and saw this one (dark chocolate) which was the same price as milk chocolate and my hand just grabbed it, without any thought.

Peach Hi-Chew. I’ve had the White Peach before, and Peach from the HK Haul. But I don’t think I’ve tried/seen a normal peach Hi-Chew.

Bourbon Petit Series Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’m craving cookies right now. Actually, I realize just now as I’m typing this that I could have gotten it for cheaper at my local market. Damn. Oh well, too late now.

Ketchip French Fries. That sounds pretty damn awesome. I love Jagabee and Jyagariko, so I’m pretty sure this will turn out well. The only thing I’m confused/concerned about is the ketchup  part. Is it ketchup-flavored, or is there ketchup included or some weird shit?

Finally, Yogurfrul. The last one with blueberry and cassis was pretty good. So I’m looking forward to this. It’s actually labeled “European Peach” on the package…whatever that means. There was another one too, that was “European Strawberry”, I felt more like peach though.

I realize I didn’t exactly make my writing more “interesting”, just longer. Well, maybe it’s more interesting. You tell me. Please?

Next: Bourbon Petit Series Chocolate Chip Cookies


4 Responses to “Haul #17”

  1. 1 yukiseki

    Aww, I absolutely love those Maneki neko and kokeshi erasers! I think your writing is interesting, especially since the content is so interesting anyway. The cookies look to die for… :D

  2. 2 Amy

    Looks like you had a successful shopping trip! You must have so many super cute erasers now! :) You must try a macaroon, they don’t taste like coconut or nuts, just like the delicious flavour, eg chocolate or lime or raspberry. You write very well, and I think blogging is a great way to practice.

    • I did and I do ! About 90 only though. I mean, it sounds like a big number, but if you look at it in a whole, there are a lot more out there, maybe 300 or so (I haven’t actually counted, so I’m not sure).
      Oh really? That’s awesome, I will definitely give one a try then ! :D
      Thanks !!! :)

  3. Sooo..was there ketchup with those fries?

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