Haul #18


On Tuesday the 13th, I got to pick up my new camera after school. And the day after that, I brought it to school (well, “work” – my summer job at a summer school). Wednesday was Back To School Night, which started at about 6, so we had about 2 hours to chill before we had to be back at school, so my friend and I went to Japantown (This MIGHT be the last time I go to Japantown this summer, so…).

I still have a lot of candy and stuff from the last haul, but I wanted to go anyway. I was mainly looking for boxes for my eraser collection, but it looks like they’re not selling them anymore. Damn. That means, I’ll have to rotate what gets to be displayed.

Anyways, first up is pictures of what I got and then just some random pictures that I really like (remember, this is taken with my new camera). Oh, and I think I might stop putting the tag on the pictures, I’m getting tired of it – I haven’t thought it over a lot yet, but that’s what I’m feeling like doing at the moment.

Pineapple eraser, the only one I bought this time (at Ichiban’kan for $.75 plus tax).

Sweet Tortes has not disappointed me so far. I’ve tried the Fondant Chocolate and Chocolate Tart, and this time I’m trying Tiramisu. Looking forward to this ! :D

Chocolate pencils from Fujiya. My friend and I each got one because they were on sale. I agree with her on what she said about it though “I’ve always wanted to try it, but I would never buy it if it was the usual price”, the usual price is about $1 something. That day, it was only $.69. Sorry there isn’t a whole picture, but I opened the package before I could take one – stupid, stupid me.

Meiji Mango Chocolate and Look Matcha Anmitsu – both that I read reviews for from Snack Love, so I’m looking forward to these, especially the mango chocolate. I actually also got a folder at Ichiban’kan, of Rilakkuma (of course), but I didn’t get a chance to take a photo so… oh well.

I found this right next to the Look Match Anmitsu. I didn’t get it though, because it was more expensive ($5.99) and I figured that it should taste pretty much the same – this one is called “Matcha Cream Parfait”… so, I don’t know. It probably would have tasted great, but I’ll settle for the Anmitsu.  There was also a box next to this one that was basically the same thing, except it was from a different brand, I don’t remember what it looked like anymore, but yeah. That was the same price as the one I bought, but since I’ve had Look before, I just went with this one.

Looks delicious right? Actually, no. The shop looks like they have delicious cupcakes, and they probably are. But these are the ones that are on display – and have been sitting there all day (without even a covering – it’s a wall display with glass only on one side). This one is in pretty good shape, but there are a lot that are in far worse condition.

Just something my friend bought at Kid Robot, they were having a sale – a bundle of 5 for $10. I don’t think the actual toy is very cute, but I love the shot. It’s so much easier and better to take pictures using the natural light. I feel like when I use the indoor lights, the picture quality is so bleh.

So I’ll end this post with a shot that I absolutely adore. I love the angle – the slanted floor was not intentional, but it’s one of my favorite features of this picture. The colors in the background are awesome and my friend is so cute. LOL, she was confused/embarrassed about how I told her to pose, but in the end, this was her favorite shot too.


One Response to “Haul #18”

  1. 1 prettyprettyyumyum

    Love a new camera – great piccies! Tiramisu chocolates look divine. :)
    I love kid robot, they have the cutest things!

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