Review #127: Jyu-C : Gold 「ジューC:ゴールド」


Note that everything after this line was written back in September. Next post will be a bunch of reviews clumped together.

This particular flavor of Jyu-C (Gold), was a special edition that came out for the celebration of the 45th Anniversary of the company. Which makes one wonder how I was able to get it in the summer of 2011. Oh well, I’m happy I could get it and that’s all that matters I suppose.

According to the site, the “gold” flavor is a mix of Golden Pineapple (ゴールデンパイン), Golden Delicious – the apple (ゴールデンデリシャス「りんご」) and Golden Kiwi (ゴールデンキウイ). I was able to decipher pineapple&kiwi from the packaging alone, but I wasn’t able to get the apple flavor. Well, on the packaging, it does say “ゴールデンデリシャス” alone, which only says “golden delicious” which made me very confused. Online researching helped though.

I believe there were 15 little tablets. And besides having fruit flavor, this Jyu-C product also contains a “mixture/combination” (配合) of calcium (カルシウム).

I’m actually really hungry at this moment, I can feel my stomach grumbling (it’s 12:21AM). Sooooo, let’s eat some Jyu-C!

Only one of my tablets had a picture on it, the others were only a boring K (that stands for Kabaya). The tablets are white with tiny specks of yellow “fruit” grains. Immediately, I smell a strong and delicious pineapple flavor. I’m a big fan of pineapples, though I hate how you have to soak it in salt water and if you place the pineapple directly on your tongue, you can taste the salt.

The first thing I taste is actually a peach/apple taste. It’s sweet and tart. The grains add a wonderful texture to the tablet, making them kind of pop in my mouth – the Pop Rocks kind of feeling, only obviously not as strong. There was a sudden burst of pineapple flavor that was really delicious. The apple gives it a mellow, sweet flavor while the pineapple adds the tang. The kiwi…I’m not really sure, I can’t really distinguish it.

I prefer letting it sort of  “melt” until it gets kind of thin and then chewing the rest. It isn’t hard-hard candy, so it’s definitely chew-able, but it’s not exactly chewy either…

Nutritional Facts:
Calories/Energy : (エネルギー) 92 kcal
Protein : (たんぱく質) 0.1 g
Fats : (脂質)  0.2 g
Carbohydrates: (炭水化物) 22.8 g
Sodium: (ナトリウム) 12 mg
Calcium: (カルシウム) 26mg

Cost: $.98

Oh my gosh, the Kabaya website is absolutely adorable. Click here, and be ready to smile. If you want to view the other flavors, click on the crow. Click on the duck/pig (puck?) to see the Jyu-C movies (my favorite is the third one with the little girl and the crow). Click on the goat for games&a quiz(LOL, the quiz is only one question long and the prize is a wallpaper). The horse is just letters from everyone.

Tasty Japan has tried the Grape flavor for Jyu-C.

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