Review #128: Meiji Corot Chocolate Ball 「コロット・チョコレートボール」


I seem to have lost a big chunk of pictures and receipts so these next few posts are going to be a little sucky, but then again, I wanted to change the format so… it’s slightly okay.

”ぎゅっと濃く まったり溶ける”

I kind of get what it’s saying, but not really. The strong, rich (taste) melts [in your mouth]. Urgh, actually I don’t get it. The only part that makes sense is the 溶ける part.

This was really good. I was sort of expecting a cloying white chocolate, but this turned out to be more of a vanilla bean flavor. Super delicious. There are some white chocolates that are just too sweet, but this is my favorite kind – when it turns out to be like vanilla. It reminds me of the Dreyer’s French Vanilla Ice Cream that I used to love eating. So good.

If you let it, it probably would actually melt in your mouth. But I just like biting it. It is definitely a “strong and rich” taste.

It seems like the Chocolate and Strawberry versions of this candy are more popular/easily found. Who knows.

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