Not So Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of this blog?

Read my “About” page and find out, I’m too lazy to repeat myself.

When are updates?

As of now (03/30/11), I type up reviews and post them every four days at 12:00A.M. (Pacific Time) There will be some exceptions though.

What are the exceptions?

Exceptions are either posts before they are scheduled, or posts after. Exceptions include, but are not limited to:

  • Holidays (i.e. White Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.)
  • Hauls (Hauls will most likely be reviewed on that particular day)
  • Low Stock of Snacks (will result in late posts)

Why would you still recommend a snack if you gave it a bad review?

The reason for that is, everyone’s taste buds are different, so something that doesn’t suit me may be delicious to another, and vice versa.

How often do you repurchase snacks?
As the (new) review system says, it’s a “hypothetical” repurchase. It means, I would repurchase it again mentally, but I wouldn’t actually do it because I’d rather spend money on new products.

Why don’t you retype your old posts now that you know your prompt?

I like to look back, and see how I started, and developed. How everything was changed and I experimented before I got to this “perfect” format. But really, in short, I’m just lazy.

What is all the weird characters on the reviews?

If you happen to be seeing weird characters, it’s because I was trying to be [a] smartass and try out my Japanese. So don’t worry, most of the time, I will have written the English translation before or after it. You can ignore it(but I hope you won’t hate me for using it), or you can fix it (by enabling your internet to read Japanese).

To do this, simply, Press View at the top of your browser (or the paper tab on the right hand side if you use Google Chrome, like I do) and scroll over [Character] Encoding. From there, just choose [one of] the Japanese language settings. To be honest, I don’t remember how I did it, and I’m pretty sure it’s different for each browser. So just mess around. Again, if you want to avoid all the trouble, just ignore it.

Well, I don’t type much Japanese within the posts anymore (too lazy), so you’ll be fine for later posts.

Do you do snack trades?
I would like to be able to do a snack trade, but I’m not doing it currently. Perhaps one day in the future, but as of now, the answer is no.

2 Responses to “Not So Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. 1 McKenna

    This question might be a little specific, but do you happen to know what happens to Hi Chews when they expire? The 10-pieces ones, because I know those are different. I just bought a bunch and I only found out they were on sale because they were close to expiring after I bought them. I don’t want to cancel the order unless I have to because I resell them and could make a ton of money on this order. I wouldn’t sell moldy stuff, but hi chews are different, I think. I imagine they’d just be a bit harder to chew. But if not, what DOES happen to them? Do they get crumbly or moldy even? I wouldn’t sell that to anyone.

    • Hmm, I haven’t had any for a while, but from what I can recall, yes they get a bit harder, but no, they don’t get moldy or crumbly. Although I guess it does depend on how long it is, but I’m fairly certain they won’t. Good luck though !

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