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After reading numerous blogs and tumblr posts, etc. I’ve come to realize that I’m pretty lucky. Because where I live, I have a good access to Japanese goods, unlike a lot of other people. And I’ve also realized how great my market is. Because, I’ve seen a lot of foods and sweets that I’ve wanted, […]

Packaging: This is really super cute, I love the way it comes in a little cup. Just like you would get real fries (to go). Well, not exactly the same, but it’s a long the same line. The little characters are so cute, I assume they are potatoes, but who knows. The one at top […]

Packaging: I’ve heard of (I guess this kind of counts) Jr Hi-Chews before. And I was pretty excited (about the others too) when my cousin showed me the picture from the HK haul. The packaging is kind of mixed. The small size gives it a cute feeling, while the bubbles give it a more sophisticated look. Well […]

I can’t believe I’m on the 70th review, and I’ve never had a Kit Kat before. Or well, not a Japanese Kit Kat. I think the first Japanese Kit Kat I came across was the Milk and Coffee one, but I hadn’t wanted to buy it. I don’t really remember why though. What is Framboise? […]

Here is the very last snack that was bought in L.A. Fukufuku Tai(ふくふくたい) and PukuPuku Tai(ぷくぷく), I wasn’t sure whether there really was a difference between the two or not. I originally only got the ぷくぷく one, but my mom told me to get another one for my sister, so I chose the opposite, ふくふく. […]

Packaging: I don’t think anyone who reads this blog new I was in L.A. during the first week of August (especially since I didn’t update my other blog…maybe handling two blogs is too much for me…). Anyways, one of the reasons (besides my not telling you) that you probably didn’t know was because there was […]

Packaging: Although it’s been a while, I’m sure my description would be the same as the previous one. I love the way the box opens, having it able to reseal and keep the package “fresh” as well as keep rodents and such away, for the most part, though it’s still not the absolute best protection. […]

It’s been half a year since this blog began! Wow. This is actually a big deal to me, because usually, I can’t keep up things (especially blogs and journals) for more than a month! I wish I could do a give away, but unfortunately that’s not possible. Maybe later on as this blog grows, but […]

“Makes the world a little sweeter.” I have heard of Chocorooms about a million times before this review. But I’ve only tasted it once before this. And that time, I only had one Chocoroom. One day in class I was hungry, like really hungry, so I asked my friend if she had anything to eat. […]

Warning: This is probably going to be [one of] the worst review ever written by me(because it’s short and lacking in info). Thank you, have a good day. As you may infer, this haul is quite………”close” to the previous haul. Well, that is definitely true. This was a half-unexpected trip. Half because, when I was […]