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I think they used 25% of chocolate chips…or maybe they’re saying that out of the whole cookie, 25% of it is chocolate chips. It says “チョコチップ 25%使用”. The katakana part just says “choko chippu” and the kanji part says “shiyou” which is translated to “use; application”. But yeah… Well there’s a short little Japanese lesson […]

I am really looking forward to this. For several reasons. One reason, being that it isn’t manufactured by Kabaya (who has become a little bit of a let down in this department). And the other reason, because all I’ve been having for a while (in terms of reviewing) is candy and cookies. Time to bring […]

I’ve been dancing around with this product (not literally of course) for months. At the very least, for 5 months. I mean, there wasn’t anything wrong with it, I just…didn’t feel like getting it. Though, I still hung on to the idea of getting it eventually. There were two different types of boxes on the […]

Okay, so I couldn’t really buy anything for a Holiday Special. Because, well, nothing really appealed to me and stuff. I don’t know. But here’s a second best. (Although I accidentally published this, I hope you guys haven’t read it yet!) Packaging: The main reason why I bought this was because it was on sale […]

So I mentioned in the haul that there was a secret about this snack, as well as the Choco Ball. Well here it is for this snack. The reason why it was being sold so cheap and on sale at Ichiban’kan, well, it was expired. Not by much though! I swear! Just, oh about two […]

Here is the very last snack that was bought in L.A. Fukufuku Tai(ふくふくたい) and PukuPuku Tai(ぷくぷく), I wasn’t sure whether there really was a difference between the two or not. I originally only got the ぷくぷく one, but my mom told me to get another one for my sister, so I chose the opposite, ふくふく. […]

“Makes the world a little sweeter.” I have heard of Chocorooms about a million times before this review. But I’ve only tasted it once before this. And that time, I only had one Chocoroom. One day in class I was hungry, like really hungry, so I asked my friend if she had anything to eat. […]

If I didn’t read Pocky Watch’s blog, I wouldn’t have found out about this ポッキー. And because I had seen their review, I chose this ポッキー over the other デザートポッキー: Double Chocolate. I’m certain that if I hadn’t seen this ポッキー online, I would’ve chosen the Double Chocolate one, because it’s a flavor that I’m more […]

Not many pictures this time, sorry. Packaging: The packaging of this is very similar to that of  the Original Chocolate ポッキー. Both boxes are: red show the brand in the top corner(Glico on the left-hand side,  Lotte on the right-hand side) the name of the snack in the middle both names start with ‘p’ both […]

(I’m going to include more Japanese in my reviews, because I’m trying to incorporate more of it into my life. In fact…I’ve started a private journal in Japanese…a lot are probably grammatically wrong sentences, and there are a couple words/phrases in Japanese. But I’m satisfied…for now.) Well, on my last trip to 日本町. I had […]