short update


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! :) 

Uhm, so quick thing. I am pretty much ready to post a real post. I just need to upload pictures and add a few links. I hate uploading photos though. It’s such an annoying process. =____=” But in any case, I think I can post… this weekend at the latest? 

Also, I did start a new blog, like I said I might. However, it’s going to be in Japanese for the most part, so… you know. Uhm, I want to blog in Japanese for a couple reasons. One, for practice. And also, I want to talk to more Japanese people/people who know Japanese (though, whether I’ll actually get to I don’t know). 

Well, even if you can’t read Japanese, maybe check it out. I won’t just be writing. I’ll also post pictures, maybe some video links. And I might do English from time to time (if I don’t know how to say it in Japanese that is). Anyways, do check it out if you’d like. But yeah, new review(s) in a few days (I haven’t decided which to post first yet). 

New Blog : 

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