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  ラムネいろいろ or Ramune Iro Iro. Some explanation is necessary I believe. Well, Ramune a soda drink that originated in Japan. You may have, if you don’t live in Japan, seen it in some asian markets. It’s known for the shape of the bottle and the marble inside. They are in Codd-neck bottles. To open it, […]

いちごミルクキャンディー (Ichigo Miruku Kyandii) or, Strawberry Milk Candy. I got this one a couple days before Christmas at Daiso. Packaging: First of all, the packaging is really cute. It’s pink, giving off a very sweet, cute and strawberry-y feeling. (even though I dislike pink) It wasn’t a packaging that stood out to me, while it […]

Apple : りんご Blueberry : ブルーベリー Cake : ケーキ Calpis/Calpico : カルピス Candy : キャンディー Caramel : キャラメル Cheese : チーズ Chocolate : チョコレート (チョコ for short)  or ショコラ Coffee : コーヒー Cookie : クッキー Cream : クリーム Cute : かわいい Fizzy : しゅわ[しゅわ] Flavor : 昧 Fruit(s) : フルーツ Grainy : つぶつぶ Green Tea : 抹茶 (kanji form) or まっちゃ(hiragana form) Hi-Chew : ハイチュウ Japan(town) : 日本(町) Jelly : ゼリー Love : 大好き Mango : […]

What is the purpose of this blog? Read my “About” page and find out, I’m too lazy to repeat myself. When are updates? As of now (03/30/11), I type up reviews and post them every four days at 12:00A.M. (Pacific Time) There will be some exceptions though. What are the exceptions? Exceptions are either posts […]