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I’m back! Firstly I’m going to say some stuff. So, I found some blogs(that do candy reviews). And I’d like to say, that I’m jealous. Reason one is because (most) of them are actually in Japan. So they have more authenticity, and more variety. And the second reason, is because they’re reviews are written so […]

Today, may be unusual for you to see, a post. But I have a story behind. And this time, you must listen before I tell you the review. And I will find out if you don’t read this. :P Anyways, today was a….not so normal Monday. I snuck out of my house, for the first […]

Hello, hello, hello! Before we start today, let me say something(that does relate). So, I won’t have another break until…oh well, the freaking END OF MARCH! D: Meaning, I can’t go to Japantown and get more candy. D: Sad! But, don’t fret because I have enough candy to last until then(for reviews)…but still. Anyways, a […]

 This is late, and I have a story behind it, but I’m too lazy, and sure you’re not interested. But at least this is just in time for Valentine’s Day! This is カバヤ苺ショコラ. Kabaya Ichigo Shokora. So this candy, I only actually found out the name by doing some (not so hard) research. Because, all […]

So, I guess this has become like a weekly thing. Anyways, today, we have: ゆばりメロンキャラメル Yubari Melon Caramel! Okay, explaination time! Yubari Melon is a expensive Japanese melon that’s grown in, guess what, Yubari Hokkaido! Anyways, the size and appearance of this melon is similar to a cantaloupe. I’m not sure about the taste. I’m not really […]