Some things you may want to know about me:


私は高校二年生です。 (in the 日本 system)
私は高校三年生です。 (in the アメリカ system)

No, I am not Japanese.
But I wish I was. I am taking a Japanese class at school though.
でも、日本人なら、良かった。学校で、日本語を 勉強していますけど。

My favorite flowers: Sunflower, Daisies and Cherry Blossoms.
ひまわりとデイジーとさくらは 一番大好きな花です。

MY AGE: (My graduating year-2000)+3

MY DREAMS: To move to Japan one day and to get a pro camera.
私の夢は日本に住んでいるか、PROカメラを持っている。それに、心理学か言語学を 勉強したいんです。パリーとヨーロッパへ行きたいです。

I love Japan.
I love the food, the language, the culture, everything.
But here, the closest thing I can get to Japan, is the sweets. Which is the reason for this blog. I want to continue this blog for a really long time, until I can (and possibly after) I get to Japan. I’m giving myself a head start, starting with the Japanese sweets you can get in America. And then, when I really do move, I’ll be able to do the more exotic sweets, and scenery too! So please take care of me while I’m here.


Nice to meet you. Have a nice day.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Kelly

    Wow, I didn’t realise you are so young!! That’s a good dream you have. How long have you been studying Japanese? If you need any help just let me know, but you’re doing pretty well. :)

    • Ahehe…how old did you think I was? Oh, thanks. Well, I started trying to “self-teach” about two years ago. But only, in the fall of ’09, did I start to actually learn in a class. Haha, thanks a bunch, I’ll be sure to ask(:

  2. 3 Hanie

    Nice blog you have too! The sweets and all are mouthwatering. ^^

  3. OMG! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  4. 6 tawee thowatana

    hi. i love this blog very…………very much

  5. Great Reviews !

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