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WARNING: I do not have any artistic skills whatsoever. SERIOUSLY.  Sorry, I had to take down the video. But you can still watch RRcherrypie’s.  If you want to see a better version, I suggest you watch RRcherrypie’s video instead of mine. Taste: Octopus – Strawberry flavored 「タコ ウィンナー : イチゴ昧」 This was the easiest to get […]

This is sort of another “sample”. The thing is, my sister got my mom to buy it at Ichiban’kan (in another mall/city) before she left to go back to L.A. But she only took about…half of the bag? And left the rest here. To be frank, given a shelf full of senbei snacks, this wouldn’t […]

Packaging: There are, to me, good and bad sides to samples. The good side is that you can try a little of the product, and if it’s bad, you haven’t wasted your money buying the whole thing (like the Sunflower candy). And I suppose it’s also good because if you like the product, then you […]

Packaging: The packaging is really cute. It’s colorful and it has a lot of cute faces on it, that tell you how “great” the gum is.  The main “pop out”, I guess, is the fact that the gum is long. That’s the selling point. The faces are pretty cute, but not a squealing “kawaii” kind. […]