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Packaging: I was super excited when I saw these! When my cousin sent me the picture, I was like “OMG! Eat whichever but DO NOT lay a finger on these Juniors! (Because I knew she would) They are just SO cute. I have a thing for small scale figurines, and such. If that makes sense. […]

Packaging: I was super duper excited when I saw these. I had seen them, I think, a couple weeks prior to receiving my HK haul. When I saw the reviews for it, I really wanted to try it. And my wish was granted! I love Strawberry Daifuku, well not that I’ve had an authentic one […]

Packaging: This was the “big” Hi-Chew that I was looking forward to the most. Because it was Peach flavored, my second favorite fruit (Number one is mango). The packaging isn’t all that great though. Still the same stupid type of packaging as the rest of the HK Hi-Chews. I do like the picture of the […]

Packaging: I’ve heard of (I guess this kind of counts) Jr Hi-Chews before. And I was pretty excited (about the others too) when my cousin showed me the picture from the HK haul. The packaging is kind of mixed. The small size gives it a cute feeling, while the bubbles give it a more sophisticated look. Well […]

I’m going to (try) to give a short shout out. So I’ve never asked before, but I would appreciate some now. I wish people would comment on my reviews. I mean, I know that there are people who read these. I have stats that I check at least once a day, I know you’re out […]

Packaging: The packaging is the same mix of 日本(Japanese) and アメリカン(American) as the last Hi-Chew. I have seen, and tried this flavor of ハイチュウ before, in the regular アメリカン kind. The front packaging image seems the same, as far as I remember. There’s not much to say, as this is very similar to the last […]

So this begins my HK haul reviews. Well, I don’t know, I’ll probably throw in some of the other reviews, that aren’t HK, along for the ride. (I’m deciding from what looks not so tasty to the super awesome ones…unless they have a close expiration date). Packaging: It’s so weird, because this packaging is like […]

When I picked up this pack of ハイチュウ, I didn’t really know what flavor it was. Nijiya, at that time, seemed to restock their ハイチュウ supply every couple of weeks, so I just grabbed it. Which is why, I became disappointed, seeing the same flavored ハイチュウ at Ichiban’kan for a cheaper price just moments later. And […]

First of all, thank you to Pockywatch’s “shout out” on their twitter. And next, we have this week’s review! I (think) I got this a long while back, a bit after the Blood Orange one. Packaging: Since it was a while back, I can’t really remember what I thought of the packaging at first. Now […]

This one I’ve had for a while, before I started this blog. WAY BEFORE. So much in the past that it’s expired…(NOT BY MUCH THOUGH!) Hopefully, that doesn’t affect the taste.   Hi-Chew Blood Orange. (ハイチュウブラッドオレンジ) On asian food grocer, it calls this “Hi-Chew Ruby Red Orange”. But it’s not, this is Blood Orange flavored. (or are […]