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First thing, this isn’t a Japanese product, though I did find it at Nijiya – which is a Japanese market. It’s from Taiwan, or at least it was manufactured there, distributed in CA though. Second, during the haul, I didn’t understand why they called it Ketchup French Fries. If, however, I had actually turned the […]

I feel bad. Because this post is late, and because I’m cutting down on reviews. SO, as a “treat”, I guess, from now on, at the end of the post. I’ll let you guys know what I’ll review next. I’m guessing this is a spring product directed towards the Japanese students who are in the […]

I actually finished this bag & review a while back. But stupid school got in the way. Anyways, an announcement. After the next two reviews (not including this one), I’m not going to review regularly anymore. Money’s a little tight right now so yeah. I still will make trips to Japantown (when I can) & […]

I hate when I don’t have enough to type to include all the pictures, because they’d all be clumped together. Anyways, three pictures on my new Flickr account (created for future purposes of this happening). There’s this super cute giraffe, who says “食べだしたらキリンがない”. Apparently, it’s a pun. The first part “食べだしたら” says “If you start […]

I saw this the last time I went to Japantown, but I didn’t get it. Because I didn’t want to crush it before getting home, so yeah.  I was attracted to this chip the first time because of a chip bag I saw online. It looked delicious, and this, is not the same, but looks […]

Packaging: This is really super cute, I love the way it comes in a little cup. Just like you would get real fries (to go). Well, not exactly the same, but it’s a long the same line. The little characters are so cute, I assume they are potatoes, but who knows. The one at top […]