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It’s one of my friend’s birthday today!!! Happy freaking birthday MsMLe! – Love, DummiBear :) This post, compared to the last one is the opposite, IMG UNHVY. LOL, I only have one picture…sorry! Packaging: Aii. I really have trouble writing sometimes, and other times, my mouth shoots off a mile a minute. Something I do […]

(Don’t mean to be rude, but if you don’t want to see the whole video, skip to around 3:30, when he starts drinking it, I thought the whole video was kind of pretty interesting though.) So, this soda drink is really…Chinese (I believe), not Japanese. But, it’s unique, and different, so I’m writing this review. […]

Today, I went to 日本町 with the intention of mainly: 1) Buying my textbook + a dictionary for the new term and 2) Buying some more erasers for my collection (although this picture isn’t really up to date). The reason my aim wasn’t for snacks, is because I still have a lot of goodies from […]

I was really happy as  Nijiya and the store I call “market”, but actually has a real name that I won’t tell quite yet, restocked. I was upset, though, of two things. One was that Ichiban’kan had restocked as well, but because of that, many of the things I was looking for were missing. And […]

1, 2, サンガリア! That’s Sangaria’s logo, a play-on “一、二、三” (1, 2, 3) This is not the first time I’ve encountered a drink by Sangaria. However it is the first time (that I remember) I’ve purchased a drink by this brand, and it is also the first time that I’ve boughten a Japanese coffee drink. I […]

I got this ラムネ drink as a leftover from 私の日本語のクラスのパーティー(a party). There were four flavors brought: Original, Melon(メロン), Strawberry(ストロべりー) and Pineapple(パイナップル). I had the メロン one during the party, and it was pretty good. Original, メロン, and ストロベリー went real quick. But there were a bunch of パイナップル leftover. Feeling bad for it(not really, I […]

Okay, so 私のいとこはHKにいます。(my cousin lives in Hong Kong) And she’s preparing me a package of stuff, which I will get in one of two ways. Way #1: 私のおじは五月七日に中国へいきます。そして、五月三十一日にかえります。私のおじはいとこからPACKAGEをもらいました。そして、おじは私にあげます。 My uncle is going back to China on 5/7 and will come back on 5/31. And my cousin may give my uncle the package to bring back […]

Packaging: The thing about this drink that stood out to me while it sat on the freezer shelf, was it’s size. I just love (most) anything that’s chibi(ちび) sized! :D I was looking for a drink, thinking maybe I’ll have some ラムネ or Calpico, since I haven’t had it in a while. And bam! This […]

今日は日本町へいきます。(Today I went to Japantown.) And this is what I brought back: Bleh. I know it’s not much. But I just didn’t feel very spendy today. and plus, the main reason I went to 日本町 was to watch a movie: Alice in Wonderland! (: It was awesome! xD Anyways, don’t fret. Because I still have […]