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I got my new camera! Yay! So this is going to be the last post with pictures taken from my old camera. I bought an Olympus 14MP camera (30x optical zoom). Taste: The taste is pretty good. It’s not like really a legit kiwi flavor, but it’s still good. It kind of reminds me more […]

WARNING: I do not have any artistic skills whatsoever. SERIOUSLY.  Sorry, I had to take down the video. But you can still watch RRcherrypie’s.  If you want to see a better version, I suggest you watch RRcherrypie’s video instead of mine. Taste: Octopus – Strawberry flavored 「タコ ウィンナー : イチゴ昧」 This was the easiest to get […]

Here’s the same candy, with different mascots – penguins & polar bears! How cute. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you might remember that I don’t like grape flavored candies. It’s true, I still don’t. But, I caved for this. I don’t actually remember why. I think it was kind of a whim. […]

I’ve been going to this SAT prep place for a while, and now I finally get to quit! Yay! It was so boring. The teacher was a total idiot and gross too, he was always stretching and his shirt was too small so it always showed his skin. Ew. Anyhow, the week I quit, I […]

This is a day late, sorry. But I was so busy yesterday. I had to make 5 packs of Jello, because my club was selling it today, which ate up an hour of my time. And then my teacher assigned the hardest Geo homework in the history of the word, and I was so tired […]

I really have a hard time doing “old stuff” after I get “new things”. Like, after I get a new haul, I really want to hurry up and eat+review the snacks, but then I remember that I still have stuff left over, so I can’t do that. This is one of those “old things” that […]

I don’t hate Hello Kitty, but when I first glanced at this candy, I knew immediately (and said out loud) “I don’t want this. It’s not going to be good.” Like I said, I don’t hate Hello Kitty, but that was probably more than half the reason I thought this candy wouldn’t be good. Perhaps […]