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(I’m going to include more Japanese in my reviews, because I’m trying to incorporate more of it into my life. In fact…I’ve started a private journal in Japanese…a lot are probably grammatically wrong sentences, and there are a couple words/phrases in Japanese. But I’m satisfied…for now.) Well, on my last trip to 日本町. I had […]

Uwah! I haven’t updated in a while! But I do have a reason. My computer was broken-caught a virus and stuff-so I had to deal with that for a whole week! So I had no access to my files. But now I do, so now I will do a review for you guys! (: This […]

I was originally going to do something else, but I’ve almost completely devoured this packet, so it needs to be reviewed! Men’s (Bitter Chocolate) Pocky. Now, as a girl, this should make me feel like this Pocky is a bit biased. I’m not very sure why it’s called “Men’s Pocky,” but it probably has to […]

Yay(: So I got to go to Japantown today because it was sunny! :D (and because we got out early) So I made the trip. And now I have a “bunch” of goodies. xD Now, I have “lots” of candy in stock. So no worries there(: Except that I might go broke. Haha. Jk. I […]

This one I’ve had for a while, before I started this blog. WAY BEFORE. So much in the past that it’s expired…(NOT BY MUCH THOUGH!) Hopefully, that doesn’t affect the taste.   Hi-Chew Blood Orange. (ハイチュウブラッドオレンジ) On asian food grocer, it calls this “Hi-Chew Ruby Red Orange”. But it’s not, this is Blood Orange flavored. (or are […]

It’s rainy over here where I live, even though it’s not supposed to be. Global Warming!!! Anyways, this weather is “perfect” for sitting by the fireplace, watching television while drinking hot chocolate. Well, problem there. One, I don’t have a fireplace. And two, I don’t have hot chocolate, or hot coffee/tea as a close second […]