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Note that everything after this line was written back in September. Next post will be a bunch of reviews clumped together. This particular flavor of Jyu-C (Gold), was a special edition that came out for the celebration of the 45th Anniversary of the company. Which makes one wonder how I was able to get it […]

short update


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! :)  Uhm, so quick thing. I am pretty much ready to post a real post. I just need to upload pictures and add a few links. I hate uploading photos though. It’s such an annoying process. =____=” But in any case, I think I can post… this weekend at the latest?  Also, I did […]

Haul #19


Sorry, I’ve been MIA for so long. To be honest, I was thinking about not blogging anymore, but I kind of felt like doing it again. Well, no, I’ve felt like doing it again a lot, but I never got enough motivation to do so. I’m “back”, but who knows for how long this time. […]