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ガムなのに、スウィーツ。 It is gum, but it is also a sweet. […I think] I love the way they say “sweets” in the CM, it’s kind of funny. Maybe only because I’m a foreigner and I speak English. And the dude’s expression after he eats the gum is super weird. But I got a laugh out of […]

Here’s yet another first, my first ever senbei post! It’s not that I haven’t seen senbei around, nor is it that I dislike senbei. The thing is, that it’s hard to choose one. The reason being, I can’t read kanji. Of course, there’s an English tag on the back, but I’d like to know what […]

Warning: This is probably going to be [one of] the worst review ever written by me(because it’s short and lacking in info). Thank you, have a good day. As you may infer, this haul is quite………”close” to the previous haul. Well, that is definitely true. This was a half-unexpected trip. Half because, when I was […]

Candy Park sounds like a dream place for little kids, who love sugar that is. Apparently to Kanro, it’s a place where a woman, who has a flower growing out of the top of her head, hands out candies to all the little kids (and even dogs!) that she meets. Well actually, since I can’t […]

If I didn’t read Pocky Watch’s blog, I wouldn’t have found out about this ポッキー. And because I had seen their review, I chose this ポッキー over the other デザートポッキー: Double Chocolate. I’m certain that if I hadn’t seen this ポッキー online, I would’ve chosen the Double Chocolate one, because it’s a flavor that I’m more […]

I was really happy as  Nijiya and the store I call “market”, but actually has a real name that I won’t tell quite yet, restocked. I was upset, though, of two things. One was that Ichiban’kan had restocked as well, but because of that, many of the things I was looking for were missing. And […]

I don’t think I’ve heard of the brand, Lion, before this candy. But from looking at the website, it seems a bit familiar. Not the lion mascot, but the other little people. After looking at the product page, I realized why it looks familiar- because I’ve seen the Lion Kids Candy before(but have not boughten […]

1, 2, サンガリア! That’s Sangaria’s logo, a play-on “一、二、三” (1, 2, 3) This is not the first time I’ve encountered a drink by Sangaria. However it is the first time (that I remember) I’ve purchased a drink by this brand, and it is also the first time that I’ve boughten a Japanese coffee drink. I […]

I got this ラムネ drink as a leftover from 私の日本語のクラスのパーティー(a party). There were four flavors brought: Original, Melon(メロン), Strawberry(ストロべりー) and Pineapple(パイナップル). I had the メロン one during the party, and it was pretty good. Original, メロン, and ストロベリー went real quick. But there were a bunch of パイナップル leftover. Feeling bad for it(not really, I […]

Sorry for not updating sooner! But I caught a cold, so I thought I’d hold it off, just in case it affected my taste buds for this review! Anyways, and so ends the Strawberry Days series! Hope you enjoyed it! Maybe, I’ll try this – or something like it – again someday! I first learned […]