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This is sort of another “sample”. The thing is, my sister got my mom to buy it at Ichiban’kan (in another mall/city) before she left to go back to L.A. But she only took about…half of the bag? And left the rest here. To be frank, given a shelf full of senbei snacks, this wouldn’t […]

Those of you who can read the katakana, and don’t know about it – Baskin Robbins in Japan is called “31”. In the US, or at least where I live, everyone calls it “Baskin Robbins”, but yeah. The 31 is part of the name in the US, but it’s just not said. It’s taken me […]

I’ve seen Country Ma’am cookies on various occasions before this purchase – online and in the store. In my local market, I saw the vanilla flavored one, and it was like 3~5 dollars I think, I don’t remember how much it was exactly. At that time, I wanted to try it, but I wasn’t sure […]

Haul #13


One thing at a time, first of all, it seems my sister didn’t take the camera, for whatever reason. I didn’t mention it earlier, because, well, those were still the pictures I took before she left. So an explanation wasn’t necessary. Second, I actually went to Japantown on Monday. But I couldn’t get this haul […]

This candy has interested me for quite a while. Because it’s kind of “famous” I guess, or at least Peko-chan is. I think the first time I heard of Peko-chan was in this manga I was reading. I’ve been tempted to buy this several times, but I wasn’t sure. I finally gave in one day […]

It’s the one-year anniversary of Sweets Blog! Wow, this is a big accomplishment for me, because I never do things for this long. I’m the type of person who would do a puzzle half way and then leave it to gather dust in a corner. Let’s do a little statistics. I’ve published 110 posts (if […]

Packaging: There are, to me, good and bad sides to samples. The good side is that you can try a little of the product, and if it’s bad, you haven’t wasted your money buying the whole thing (like the Sunflower candy). And I suppose it’s also good because if you like the product, then you […]

Packaging: This is one of the three Baby Star Ramen packages my cousin brought, and also the last thing from the HK haul to review. This one is different from the rest because it was the only Yakisoba flavored one while the other two were chicken. Again, same character. The packaging is pretty much the […]

Packaging: I was mainly drawn to this candy because of the sunflowers. I love sunflowers. But, I should’ve been more careful. Anything with citrus and honey probably is a cough drop candy. Ahh, but my love for sunflowers got in the way of my logical thinking. The packaging is cute though. I love the little […]

After reading numerous blogs and tumblr posts, etc. I’ve come to realize that I’m pretty lucky. Because where I live, I have a good access to Japanese goods, unlike a lot of other people. And I’ve also realized how great my market is. Because, I’ve seen a lot of foods and sweets that I’ve wanted, […]