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I think they used 25% of chocolate chips…or maybe they’re saying that out of the whole cookie, 25% of it is chocolate chips. It says “チョコチップ 25%使用”. The katakana part just says “choko chippu” and the kanji part says “shiyou” which is translated to “use; application”. But yeah… Well there’s a short little Japanese lesson […]

Haul #17


I want to make my posts – or well, my writing, more interesting. Something that makes people actually want to read it. But how… ? Oh well, whatever I guess. My grandma gave both my sister and I $60 each the day before I went to Japantown. Jackpot ! I was happy. I only spent […]

WARNING: I do not have any artistic skills whatsoever. SERIOUSLY.  Sorry, I had to take down the video. But you can still watch RRcherrypie’s.  If you want to see a better version, I suggest you watch RRcherrypie’s video instead of mine. Taste: Octopus – Strawberry flavored 「タコ ウィンナー : イチゴ昧」 This was the easiest to get […]

I feel bad. Because this post is late, and because I’m cutting down on reviews. SO, as a “treat”, I guess, from now on, at the end of the post. I’ll let you guys know what I’ll review next. I’m guessing this is a spring product directed towards the Japanese students who are in the […]

What in the world, right? How could European cheese (though I’m not sure how different that is from “regular” cheese) and chocolate go together? I’m not entirely sure either, actually. It’s just, it kind of popped out to me, besides the packaging is nice. I guess the last haul was kind of “exotic” food, except […]