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Packaging: This is one of the three Baby Star Ramen packages my cousin brought, and also the last thing from the HK haul to review. This one is different from the rest because it was the only Yakisoba flavored one while the other two were chicken. Again, same character. The packaging is pretty much the […]

It’s raining heavily, with thunder (and people have said there’s also hail). You know what that means? It means winter’s coming. I would be so much more excited about that if it actually snowed where I live. But it doesn’t. And I hate that. Ahh. The thunder is making me excited. LOL. I haven’t heard […]

Packaging: I’d seen this snack in more places than one before I finally caved in and bought it. It’s not that I had anything against it, no, I just, I couldn’t find myself to buy it I guess. Probably because, compared to other snacks and sweets, it wasn’t something that really popped out at me. […]