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Packaging: The packaging is really cute. It’s colorful and it has a lot of cute faces on it, that tell you how “great” the gum is.  The main “pop out”, I guess, is the fact that the gum is long. That’s the selling point. The faces are pretty cute, but not a squealing “kawaii” kind. […]

ガムなのに、スウィーツ。 It is gum, but it is also a sweet. […I think] I love the way they say “sweets” in the CM, it’s kind of funny. Maybe only because I’m a foreigner and I speak English. And the dude’s expression after he eats the gum is super weird. But I got a laugh out of […]

Yay(: So I got to go to Japantown today because it was sunny! :D (and because we got out early) So I made the trip. And now I have a “bunch” of goodies. xD Now, I have “lots” of candy in stock. So no worries there(: Except that I might go broke. Haha. Jk. I […]