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I’ve seen this in my local market for quite some time. I was distressed, thinking that it would disappear soon, so “I should buy it already” but I wanted to compare prices because most of the time, the stuff at 日本町 is cheaper. I kept dragging it on and on. And every trip I made […]

Packaging: I’ve seen these candies around ever since I’ve started shopping at 日本町. They first jumped out at me because of the face, obviously. Well, the eyes aren’t that sweet, but the puckered lips get at me. Every time I make a trip, I spend at least a couple seconds wondering whether I should make […]

When I was walking in the aisles of Nijiya, I knew what I had a craving for, some kind of cookie. I found a Country Ma’am bag of chocolate chip cookies. And I jumped at it. Of course, you notice that this review isn’t Country Ma’am. I did want it, but it was a bit […]

I kept running into this sweet at my local market, but I never picked it up. I was, curious though. I mean, what’s a cheese chocolate supposed to be like? A piece of chocolate that tastes like cheese? Or a piece of cheese looking sweet that tastes like chocolate? Of course, I logged down the […]

HK Haul!


Warning: This post is also EXTREMELY Photo Heavy. It’s finally. Finally. Finally! FINALLY! FINALLY HERE! The long awaited HK haul that I’ve been waiting on for two months! It’s finally here! The only down side is that since it’s an HK haul instead of my own, I have to share 50% of each candy with […]

*Warning: This post is photo heavy.* So today’s Haul will be a little different, because there won’t be a mini-review. Instead, I have an important announcement. I have a new blog. Now before you freak out, this does not mean that this blog is being stopped, it merely means what it means, I have a […]

It’s been half a year since this blog began! Wow. This is actually a big deal to me, because usually, I can’t keep up things (especially blogs and journals) for more than a month! I wish I could do a give away, but unfortunately that’s not possible. Maybe later on as this blog grows, but […]

Half of the pictures in the post are weird because I used the video camera, same reason as the Apollo pictures. I think I’ve heard of the brand, Bourbon, before in other Japanese sweets reviews. This, however, is my first time trying something from that brand. I first spotted this cute snack on one of […]

Before, I was thinking, “WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY REVIEWS ALREADY SCHEDULED?!” and it was filling up my Posts page. But now I’m glad I did those. Because, now, I don’t feel like writing reviews after I come home from work. The same photo problems as the last post – half are shitty. Living […]

Note: Just an update on the HK haul, my cousin’s cousin has come back so now I just have to wait to receive the stuff. 今日は七夕です。(7・7) Today is the Tanabata Festival (7/7).  Tanabata is a star festival. It’s most famous for (at least according to me), its legend. The legend is of two lovers who […]