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Packaging: I was super excited when I saw these! When my cousin sent me the picture, I was like “OMG! Eat whichever but DO NOT lay a finger on these Juniors! (Because I knew she would) They are just SO cute. I have a thing for small scale figurines, and such. If that makes sense. […]

Packaging: I was super duper excited when I saw these. I had seen them, I think, a couple weeks prior to receiving my HK haul. When I saw the reviews for it, I really wanted to try it. And my wish was granted! I love Strawberry Daifuku, well not that I’ve had an authentic one […]

Packaging: This was the “big” Hi-Chew that I was looking forward to the most. Because it was Peach flavored, my second favorite fruit (Number one is mango). The packaging isn’t all that great though. Still the same stupid type of packaging as the rest of the HK Hi-Chews. I do like the picture of the […]

This is a day late, sorry. But I was so busy yesterday. I had to make 5 packs of Jello, because my club was selling it today, which ate up an hour of my time. And then my teacher assigned the hardest Geo homework in the history of the word, and I was so tired […]

Packaging: There’s just something I love about 北海道(Hokkaidō). Maybe it’s the snow, but of course, it snows in a lot of parts of Japan.  I don’t know. But when I think about going to Japan, next to going to 東京(Tōkyō), is 北海道. Well, honestly, I think 東京 is good for sight-seeing and stuff, but I’d probably […]

Packaging: I’ve heard of (I guess this kind of counts) Jr Hi-Chews before. And I was pretty excited (about the others too) when my cousin showed me the picture from the HK haul. The packaging is kind of mixed. The small size gives it a cute feeling, while the bubbles give it a more sophisticated look. Well […]

Packaging: I had seen this countless times in Nijiya, but I never got around to buying it. And then, my cousin happened to buy it in the HK haul, and well, that solved everything. I think the main reason I kept avoiding purchasing it, was that I wasn’t really sure what it was going to […]

I think a pet peeve that many food bloggers share is when there’s a sticker right on the packaging of a food/snack. It really gets to me because then, it ruins the photoshoot. Now, occasionally, I can peel the sticker off with ease. But other times (more rare than not), whilst peeling off the sticker, […]

I’m going to (try) to give a short shout out. So I’ve never asked before, but I would appreciate some now. I wish people would comment on my reviews. I mean, I know that there are people who read these. I have stats that I check at least once a day, I know you’re out […]

Okay, it should be obvious that this isn’t a Japanese snack food, nor is it time for a “Holiday Special”, not in a while at least. The reason why this is being reviewed is because it came along with the HK Haul, and not only did it come along with, it was a requested item. […]