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Packaging: This was the other flavor that was alongside the Mixed Senbei one. My mom got this for me (by request) when she, my sister and my dad went back to L.A. to help my sister move in. (I was stuck at home, because I had school…) The packaging is pretty much identical, so no […]

Here is the very last snack that was bought in L.A. Fukufuku Tai(ふくふくたい) and PukuPuku Tai(ぷくぷく), I wasn’t sure whether there really was a difference between the two or not. I originally only got the ぷくぷく one, but my mom told me to get another one for my sister, so I chose the opposite, ふくふく. […]

Here is yet another snack that was boughten in L.A. Packaging: This purchase was totally my mom’s call. Actually, she was looking for a chestnut cake. I think it was because A) my sister likes them and/or B) she liked the ones we got in Japan two summers ago. I wouldn’t say this packaging is […]

Packaging: I don’t think anyone who reads this blog new I was in L.A. during the first week of August (especially since I didn’t update my other blog…maybe handling two blogs is too much for me…). Anyways, one of the reasons (besides my not telling you) that you probably didn’t know was because there was […]