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Haul #21


So I think I will continue blogging, posts will be irregular, but I will post, at least for the duration of the summer. This is mostly because I figured out an easier way to post pictures. I can use my new phone’s camera (which is pretty good quality for a phone) and that’ll make the […]

Haul #20


Sorry. I’m a bad person. I had just started and then I stopped posting again. -______________-”  So I can’t guarantee that I will post again. But… yeah. The biggest reason why I don’t is because I hate uploading photos. I think I said it before. WordPress loads so slow on me. And I absolutely hate […]

Haul #19


Sorry, I’ve been MIA for so long. To be honest, I was thinking about not blogging anymore, but I kind of felt like doing it again. Well, no, I’ve felt like doing it again a lot, but I never got enough motivation to do so. I’m “back”, but who knows for how long this time. […]

Haul #18


On Tuesday the 13th, I got to pick up my new camera after school. And the day after that, I brought it to school (well, “work” – my summer job at a summer school). Wednesday was Back To School Night, which started at about 6, so we had about 2 hours to chill before we […]

Haul #17


I want to make my posts – or well, my writing, more interesting. Something that makes people actually want to read it. But how… ? Oh well, whatever I guess. My grandma gave both my sister and I $60 each the day before I went to Japantown. Jackpot ! I was happy. I only spent […]

Haul #16


I’ve decided to make the watermark lighter from now on. To be honest, I considered getting rid of it entirely, because I didn’t want to seem pretentious or anything. But at the same time, I don’t want people to use my photos without asking or anything (well, more so for the ones I really like, […]

Haul #15


Yay! Today was fun! It was finally sunny! The weather here has been crazy. It rains cats and dogs one day, and the next day, it’s super hot and sunny. Sheesh. Here we go, I ended up buying more snacks than I had intended though. More cute erasers for my collection. A kitchen set & […]

Haul #14


It’s the rainy season over here, which is totally drab. It’s not that I dislike the rain. But.. well, for one thing, all my “cute” clothes are summery. I don’t have any cute “winter” clothes. And then it also gets annoying when I want to do things outside. Anyways, I made the plan to go […]

Haul #13


One thing at a time, first of all, it seems my sister didn’t take the camera, for whatever reason. I didn’t mention it earlier, because, well, those were still the pictures I took before she left. So an explanation wasn’t necessary. Second, I actually went to Japantown on Monday. But I couldn’t get this haul […]

Haul #12


I didn’t get a lot of goodies today (snack wise), but enjoy this post. The first thing I bought was this, another box of Look Chocolate. I recently saw this on Japanese Snack Reviews. I actually saw this first at Nijiya, as well as the other candy, but I didn’t buy it. I walked over to […]