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First thing, this isn’t a Japanese product, though I did find it at Nijiya – which is a Japanese market. It’s from Taiwan, or at least it was manufactured there, distributed in CA though. Second, during the haul, I didn’t understand why they called it Ketchup French Fries. If, however, I had actually turned the […]

Taste: The first thought I had: sour, very very sour. The candies don’t make much of a difference, because I swallow away all the gunky part before I get to it. The candies are hard so I’m kind of eating them after the gunk dissolves. The gunk is really powdery. I think I might not […]

I saw this the last time I went to Japantown, but I didn’t get it. Because I didn’t want to crush it before getting home, so yeah.  I was attracted to this chip the first time because of a chip bag I saw online. It looked delicious, and this, is not the same, but looks […]

Packaging: I was mainly drawn to this candy because of the sunflowers. I love sunflowers. But, I should’ve been more careful. Anything with citrus and honey probably is a cough drop candy. Ahh, but my love for sunflowers got in the way of my logical thinking. The packaging is cute though. I love the little […]

It’s raining heavily, with thunder (and people have said there’s also hail). You know what that means? It means winter’s coming. I would be so much more excited about that if it actually snowed where I live. But it doesn’t. And I hate that. Ahh. The thunder is making me excited. LOL. I haven’t heard […]

リラックマ(Rilakkuma), or also known as Relax Bear, because his name comes from the words “relax” and “kuma”(the Japanese word for bear). He’s a super adorable character from the San-X company. I believe he was targeted towards housewives, with the thought of relaxing, but his cute face attracts all folks. Not visible here, but actually on the back […]

Here’s yet another first, my first ever senbei post! It’s not that I haven’t seen senbei around, nor is it that I dislike senbei. The thing is, that it’s hard to choose one. The reason being, I can’t read kanji. Of course, there’s an English tag on the back, but I’d like to know what […]

I got this ラムネ drink as a leftover from 私の日本語のクラスのパーティー(a party). There were four flavors brought: Original, Melon(メロン), Strawberry(ストロべりー) and Pineapple(パイナップル). I had the メロン one during the party, and it was pretty good. Original, メロン, and ストロベリー went real quick. But there were a bunch of パイナップル leftover. Feeling bad for it(not really, I […]

[Note: For those of you who read my HK Preview Haul, I know it’s coming up to the end of May, so I should tell you. I don’t believe I will be getting my “care package” until July, not the end of May. Because my mom thought it would be too troublesome for my uncle […]

Packaging: I have seen this caramel online before I saw it on the shelf in Ichiban’kan. Just seeing the box online, I wasn’t tempted at all. In fact, I was kind of scared because of the picture of the grizzly bear and my inability to understand how a caramel could be flavored strawberry(or corn, or […]