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Taste: The first thought I had: sour, very very sour. The candies don’t make much of a difference, because I swallow away all the gunky part before I get to it. The candies are hard so I’m kind of eating them after the gunk dissolves. The gunk is really powdery. I think I might not […]

Packaging: I’ve seen these candies around ever since I’ve started shopping at 日本町. They first jumped out at me because of the face, obviously. Well, the eyes aren’t that sweet, but the puckered lips get at me. Every time I make a trip, I spend at least a couple seconds wondering whether I should make […]

Note: Just an update on the HK haul, my cousin’s cousin has come back so now I just have to wait to receive the stuff. 今日は七夕です。(7・7) Today is the Tanabata Festival (7/7).  Tanabata is a star festival. It’s most famous for (at least according to me), its legend. The legend is of two lovers who […]

I don’t think I’ve heard of the brand, Lion, before this candy. But from looking at the website, it seems a bit familiar. Not the lion mascot, but the other little people. After looking at the product page, I realized why it looks familiar- because I’ve seen the Lion Kids Candy before(but have not boughten […]

Since this is my first multipack(or whatever you want to call it) review, I messed up with the pictures. Which is why, this post will have many of those pictures…Sorry, I’ll do better next time! I got this candy a really long time ago. Don’t even ask when, ’cause I don’t remember. But it was […]

There are simply just too many ラムネ(Ramune) candies, that it’s hard to find the one you’re looking for. ESPECIALLY if all it’s name is “ラムネ” and there is no brand. Just like this: Packaging: Actually, I wasn’t the first one to spot this package, but it was my friend (An-chan) who did. She thought I […]

I’m back! Firstly I’m going to say some stuff. So, I found some blogs(that do candy reviews). And I’d like to say, that I’m jealous. Reason one is because (most) of them are actually in Japan. So they have more authenticity, and more variety. And the second reason, is because they’re reviews are written so […]

  ラムネいろいろ or Ramune Iro Iro. Some explanation is necessary I believe. Well, Ramune a soda drink that originated in Japan. You may have, if you don’t live in Japan, seen it in some asian markets. It’s known for the shape of the bottle and the marble inside. They are in Codd-neck bottles. To open it, […]