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Today, I went to 日本町 with the intention of mainly: 1) Buying my textbook + a dictionary for the new term and 2) Buying some more erasers for my collection (although this picture isn’t really up to date). The reason my aim wasn’t for snacks, is because I still have a lot of goodies from […]

I got this ラムネ drink as a leftover from 私の日本語のクラスのパーティー(a party). There were four flavors brought: Original, Melon(メロン), Strawberry(ストロべりー) and Pineapple(パイナップル). I had the メロン one during the party, and it was pretty good. Original, メロン, and ストロベリー went real quick. But there were a bunch of パイナップル leftover. Feeling bad for it(not really, I […]