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I seem to have lost a big chunk of pictures and receipts so these next few posts are going to be a little sucky, but then again, I wanted to change the format so… it’s slightly okay. ”ぎゅっと濃く まったり溶ける” I kind of get what it’s saying, but not really. The strong, rich (taste) melts [in your […]

I’m so sorry to anyone who saw the last post & thought it was a real review. Shit. I’m so stupid. I forgot that I had set that as scheduled – because I thought I would be done with it. But I got so busy with work & all. I’m sorry! I’ve been neglecting this […]

The book in the background is Happy Cafe. It’s super cute and super funny. I love it!!! :D Lately, I haven’t been getting a lot of stuff from Ichiban’kan, most of the treats are from Nijiya. The last time I reviewed something from Ichiban’kan was in January, 3 months ago. I guess, to be honest, […]

This is sort of another “sample”. The thing is, my sister got my mom to buy it at Ichiban’kan (in another mall/city) before she left to go back to L.A. But she only took about…half of the bag? And left the rest here. To be frank, given a shelf full of senbei snacks, this wouldn’t […]

Packaging: There are, to me, good and bad sides to samples. The good side is that you can try a little of the product, and if it’s bad, you haven’t wasted your money buying the whole thing (like the Sunflower candy). And I suppose it’s also good because if you like the product, then you […]

Packaging: I’d seen this snack in more places than one before I finally caved in and bought it. It’s not that I had anything against it, no, I just, I couldn’t find myself to buy it I guess. Probably because, compared to other snacks and sweets, it wasn’t something that really popped out at me. […]

It’s one of my friend’s birthday today!!! Happy freaking birthday MsMLe! – Love, DummiBear :) This post, compared to the last one is the opposite, IMG UNHVY. LOL, I only have one picture…sorry! Packaging: Aii. I really have trouble writing sometimes, and other times, my mouth shoots off a mile a minute. Something I do […]

This チョコボール was the second secret of the last haul. Yes, as you may have guessed, this one is bought expired as well. The expiration date was only August 2010, so whatever. I ate it quickly, alright and I’m fine. Packaging: So yeah, you should know my motivation for buying this, if not look below […]

So I mentioned in the haul that there was a secret about this snack, as well as the Choco Ball. Well here it is for this snack. The reason why it was being sold so cheap and on sale at Ichiban’kan, well, it was expired. Not by much though! I swear! Just, oh about two […]

Happy Birthday to one of my good friends, Cam! Love you! Hope you have a great birthday today! (Even though she won’t see this post) Takenoko no Sato(たけのこの里) translates into “Bamboo Shoot Village”. I have seen these dozens of times, way before I even started this blog. Not only as this strawberry flavor, but as […]