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Packaging: There’s just something I love about 北海道(Hokkaidō). Maybe it’s the snow, but of course, it snows in a lot of parts of Japan.  I don’t know. But when I think about going to Japan, next to going to 東京(Tōkyō), is 北海道. Well, honestly, I think 東京 is good for sight-seeing and stuff, but I’d probably […]

I kept running into this sweet at my local market, but I never picked it up. I was, curious though. I mean, what’s a cheese chocolate supposed to be like? A piece of chocolate that tastes like cheese? Or a piece of cheese looking sweet that tastes like chocolate? Of course, I logged down the […]

Packaging: I have seen this caramel online before I saw it on the shelf in Ichiban’kan. Just seeing the box online, I wasn’t tempted at all. In fact, I was kind of scared because of the picture of the grizzly bear and my inability to understand how a caramel could be flavored strawberry(or corn, or […]

So, I guess this has become like a weekly thing. Anyways, today, we have: ゆばりメロンキャラメル Yubari Melon Caramel! Okay, explaination time! Yubari Melon is a expensive Japanese melon that’s grown in, guess what, Yubari Hokkaido! Anyways, the size and appearance of this melon is similar to a cantaloupe. I’m not sure about the taste. I’m not really […]