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So backtracking. I caught a cold, and now I’m on my second piece of Sunflower candy. Admittedly, the candies were deceiving in making me think they were candy. But now, I know, that they’re pretty good for when you have a cold. It’s soothing for my throat and it actually relieves a little bit of […]

This candy has interested me for quite a while. Because it’s kind of “famous” I guess, or at least Peko-chan is. I think the first time I heard of Peko-chan was in this manga I was reading. I’ve been tempted to buy this several times, but I wasn’t sure. I finally gave in one day […]

[Note: For those of you who read my HK Preview Haul, I know it’s coming up to the end of May, so I should tell you. I don’t believe I will be getting my “care package” until July, not the end of May. Because my mom thought it would be too troublesome for my uncle […]

いちごミルクキャンディー (Ichigo Miruku Kyandii) or, Strawberry Milk Candy. I got this one a couple days before Christmas at Daiso. Packaging: First of all, the packaging is really cute. It’s pink, giving off a very sweet, cute and strawberry-y feeling. (even though I dislike pink) It wasn’t a packaging that stood out to me, while it […]