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(Don’t mean to be rude, but if you don’t want to see the whole video, skip to around 3:30, when he starts drinking it, I thought the whole video was kind of pretty interesting though.) So, this soda drink is really…Chinese (I believe), not Japanese. But, it’s unique, and different, so I’m writing this review. […]

There’s a (not really) funny story behind this snack. I was at Ichiban’kan with my friend the day before my Disney Classics Movie Marathon Day with another friend. I spotted this on the shelf, and I thought “Perfect.” So I grabbed it off the shelf, and the next thing I know, this little old lady […]

I’m going to (try) to give a short shout out. So I’ve never asked before, but I would appreciate some now. I wish people would comment on my reviews. I mean, I know that there are people who read these. I have stats that I check at least once a day, I know you’re out […]

Packaging: Although it’s been a while, I’m sure my description would be the same as the previous one. I love the way the box opens, having it able to reseal and keep the package “fresh” as well as keep rodents and such away, for the most part, though it’s still not the absolute best protection. […]

Okay, it should be obvious that this isn’t a Japanese snack food, nor is it time for a “Holiday Special”, not in a while at least. The reason why this is being reviewed is because it came along with the HK Haul, and not only did it come along with, it was a requested item. […]

リラックマ(Rilakkuma), or also known as Relax Bear, because his name comes from the words “relax” and “kuma”(the Japanese word for bear). He’s a super adorable character from the San-X company. I believe he was targeted towards housewives, with the thought of relaxing, but his cute face attracts all folks. Not visible here, but actually on the back […]

Today, I went to 日本町 with the intention of mainly: 1) Buying my textbook + a dictionary for the new term and 2) Buying some more erasers for my collection (although this picture isn’t really up to date). The reason my aim wasn’t for snacks, is because I still have a lot of goodies from […]

Packaging: The packaging is the same mix of 日本(Japanese) and アメリカン(American) as the last Hi-Chew. I have seen, and tried this flavor of ハイチュウ before, in the regular アメリカン kind. The front packaging image seems the same, as far as I remember. There’s not much to say, as this is very similar to the last […]

I don’t hate Hello Kitty, but when I first glanced at this candy, I knew immediately (and said out loud) “I don’t want this. It’s not going to be good.” Like I said, I don’t hate Hello Kitty, but that was probably more than half the reason I thought this candy wouldn’t be good. Perhaps […]

So this begins my HK haul reviews. Well, I don’t know, I’ll probably throw in some of the other reviews, that aren’t HK, along for the ride. (I’m deciding from what looks not so tasty to the super awesome ones…unless they have a close expiration date). Packaging: It’s so weird, because this packaging is like […]