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Packaging: I love Kasugai’s packaging for all it’s gummies. I love the way they put a picture of the fruit on the package, such an awesome macro-shot, and it makes it look so delicious and juicy. It makes my mouth water. I haven’t really tried Muscat(like the actual fruit…white grape), but I like anything “exotic-sounding.” […]

I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival on Sunday, check out my Tumblr for pictures. おととい日本町のさくらまつりへいきました。私のTUMBLRにさしんがあります。 Note: This post has lots of pictures- BEWARE! xD ノート:このポスートはしゃしんがいっぱいです。 Haul: Not much. A free piggybank from CitiBank that my friend won for me.  Some buttons I bought from a booth, Pixipets. Two candies, that both happen to be […]

Packaging: The box is pretty, with it’s silverness, and the two フラン sticks raised in the air after being dipped in some yummy looking vanilla frosting. It’s a little plain, but still really pretty. And I love the checkered bagging. On the back of the box, there’s the description of the white frosting and the […]

Packaging: The thing about this drink that stood out to me while it sat on the freezer shelf, was it’s size. I just love (most) anything that’s chibi(ちび) sized! :D I was looking for a drink, thinking maybe I’ll have some ラムネ or Calpico, since I haven’t had it in a while. And bam! This […]

First of all, thank you to Pockywatch’s “shout out” on their twitter. And next, we have this week’s review! I (think) I got this a long while back, a bit after the Blood Orange one. Packaging: Since it was a while back, I can’t really remember what I thought of the packaging at first. Now […]

There are simply just too many ラムネ(Ramune) candies, that it’s hard to find the one you’re looking for. ESPECIALLY if all it’s name is “ラムネ” and there is no brand. Just like this: Packaging: Actually, I wasn’t the first one to spot this package, but it was my friend (An-chan) who did. She thought I […]

今日は日本町へいきます。(Today I went to Japantown.) And this is what I brought back: Bleh. I know it’s not much. But I just didn’t feel very spendy today. and plus, the main reason I went to 日本町 was to watch a movie: Alice in Wonderland! (: It was awesome! xD Anyways, don’t fret. Because I still have […]