Haul #20


Sorry. I’m a bad person. I had just started and then I stopped posting again. -______________-”  So I can’t guarantee that I will post again. But… yeah. The biggest reason why I don’t is because I hate uploading photos. I think I said it before. WordPress loads so slow on me. And I absolutely hate doing. What should only take 5 minutes usually ends up taking 20 minutes or so.

If you want to see the pictures of the actual day, check out my other blog. (It’s in Japanese, but you can see the pictures at least, of my lunch, stuff I didn’t buy but should have and my eraser collection)


2 Responses to “Haul #20”

  1. How were all your snacks? The Calpis lollies look yum :)

    • They were great, all three of them (especially the Tirol). Unfortunately, I finished them all already, so I don’t know if I’ll blog about it. I wanted to initially but I put it off for too long & then can exam season so I’ve been busy (still am though). I do have pictures for the Tirol and Vending Machine candy so I may blog but I don’t know for sure if I will or not yet.
      The Calpis candies were alright. The outside tasted like the actual drink (original, strawberry and pineapple) but there was this like mint or something inside which was not that great (it did give the candy the “cool”/refreshing feeling it was aiming for but not very tasty).
      Thanks for stopping by though ! (:
      I may review more in the future, but no promises.

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