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Haul #15


Yay! Today was fun! It was finally sunny! The weather here has been crazy. It rains cats and dogs one day, and the next day, it’s super hot and sunny. Sheesh. Here we go, I ended up buying more snacks than I had intended though. More cute erasers for my collection. A kitchen set & […]

On the top corner it says “なめらか” which is similar to the one from the Nameraka Pudding. Now, I actually looked it up and “なめらか” means “smoothness” or “glassiness”. That makes sense for this, not so much for the pudding. I love the design of the box and the design ON the box. Taste: To […]

So backtracking. I caught a cold, and now I’m on my second piece of Sunflower candy. Admittedly, the candies were deceiving in making me think they were candy. But now, I know, that they’re pretty good for when you have a cold. It’s soothing for my throat and it actually relieves a little bit of […]

I hate when I don’t have enough to type to include all the pictures, because they’d all be clumped together. Anyways, three pictures on my new Flickr account (created for future purposes of this happening). There’s this super cute giraffe, who says “食べだしたらキリンがない”. Apparently, it’s a pun. The first part “食べだしたら” says “If you start […]

At least, it was supposed to be… This sucks, but hopefully things will start to look up soon. :( I keep wanting to say “yogurtfrul” when it’s missing the t. Why is it so hard to pronounce – or remember to pronounce at the very least. Tasty Japan told me last time that cassis was […]



Just a short note. I’m glad to know the people I know in Japan are safe. I can only wish for the same for everyone else. I hope this disaster can pass over quickly. :(  

Taste: The first thought I had: sour, very very sour. The candies don’t make much of a difference, because I swallow away all the gunky part before I get to it. The candies are hard so I’m kind of eating them after the gunk dissolves. The gunk is really powdery. I think I might not […]

Why is it that when I have nothing to review, I also have nothing to do online and want to write reviews. But when I finally have things to review, I find other things to do (watching Kuroshitsuji and House M.D – I’m on season 4). Anyways, that’s my excuse for posting this a day […]

Haul #14


It’s the rainy season over here, which is totally drab. It’s not that I dislike the rain. But.. well, for one thing, all my “cute” clothes are summery. I don’t have any cute “winter” clothes. And then it also gets annoying when I want to do things outside. Anyways, I made the plan to go […]

I saw this the last time I went to Japantown, but I didn’t get it. Because I didn’t want to crush it before getting home, so yeah.  I was attracted to this chip the first time because of a chip bag I saw online. It looked delicious, and this, is not the same, but looks […]