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Because of a recent comment I received in which addressed me, “Dear sir“, I feel the need to clear up(for those of you who don’t read my About) that I am a girl, a female. Okay, moving on to the review. Meltyblend, or sometimes known as Meltykiss is a cube of chocolate dusted in cocoa […]

[Note: For those of you who read my HK Preview Haul, I know it’s coming up to the end of May, so I should tell you. I don’t believe I will be getting my “care package” until July, not the end of May. Because my mom thought it would be too troublesome for my uncle […]

Meiji actually produces a variety of chocolate bars like this. I’ve seen some of the bars they show on their website, and I admit, I have thought about getting them, but haven’t quite yet. They have a couple of somewhat interesting ads on the site, so if you have time, check them out. The campaign(I […]

Curious about the title? Well, I just realized that the last post, and this post are both strawberry-flavored. And then thinking, I remembered I had more strawberry products on hand, so I decided to pull them together and create Strawberry Days. Starting from this post, and ending with a total of 5 days. On the […]

Packaging: I have seen this caramel online before I saw it on the shelf in Ichiban’kan. Just seeing the box online, I wasn’t tempted at all. In fact, I was kind of scared because of the picture of the grizzly bear and my inability to understand how a caramel could be flavored strawberry(or corn, or […]

Happy 母の日(Mother’s Day)! Hope everyone had an awesome day. 母、ありがとう。大好きだよ。 Packaging: The reason for this ポッキー post is because of the fact that I currently have three boxes of them in stock. It was extremely easy to choose between the three, as A) I was in the mood for a fruit flavor and B) The […]

Since this is my first multipack(or whatever you want to call it) review, I messed up with the pictures. Which is why, this post will have many of those pictures…Sorry, I’ll do better next time! I got this candy a really long time ago. Don’t even ask when, ’cause I don’t remember. But it was […]

Not many pictures this time, sorry. Packaging: The packaging of this is very similar to that of  the Original Chocolate ポッキー. Both boxes are: red show the brand in the top corner(Glico on the left-hand side,  Lotte on the right-hand side) the name of the snack in the middle both names start with ‘p’ both […]

Okay, so 私のいとこはHKにいます。(my cousin lives in Hong Kong) And she’s preparing me a package of stuff, which I will get in one of two ways. Way #1: 私のおじは五月七日に中国へいきます。そして、五月三十一日にかえります。私のおじはいとこからPACKAGEをもらいました。そして、おじは私にあげます。 My uncle is going back to China on 5/7 and will come back on 5/31. And my cousin may give my uncle the package to bring back […]