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short update


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! :)  Uhm, so quick thing. I am pretty much ready to post a real post. I just need to upload pictures and add a few links. I hate uploading photos though. It’s such an annoying process. =____=” But in any case, I think I can post… this weekend at the latest?  Also, I did […]



Just a short note. I’m glad to know the people I know in Japan are safe. I can only wish for the same for everyone else. I hope this disaster can pass over quickly. :(  

It’s the one-year anniversary of Sweets Blog! Wow, this is a big accomplishment for me, because I never do things for this long. I’m the type of person who would do a puzzle half way and then leave it to gather dust in a corner. Let’s do a little statistics. I’ve published 110 posts (if […]

Sweet Sweets


Happy New Years!!! I’m a little behind on my posts, but it’s okay I guess. Anyways, I have bad, terrible news. My stupid sibling who I don’t want to consider my sibling anymore is taking the camera back to L.A, meaning I’ll be camera-less (kind of) for at least half a year. I’m planning on […]

Gone Fishing


Well, not really. But it’s the week before finals begin, so I’m spending this week and the next locked up in a cage with a deranged monkey studying my butt off. I’ll be back shortly though (since it’ll be winter break after finals), wish me luck!~ -With Love, StoryBookDreamer

Sorry (again)!


I’m super busy with school stuff right now. So stressed and everything =.=” And I’m falling behind in reviews…so I’m going to take a break. I’ll go at my own pace and when I feel like I’ve sufficiently caught up, I’ll start posting again. Sorry for anyone who reads this blog!

No Post


I’m supposed to have a review today… But I can’t. Sorry! My problem? Life… School… I really want to get good grades so I’ve been doing homework. And then I have a club to tend to. And then I’m just…no. Sorry! Hopefully I’ll catch up this weekend!!!

Apple : りんご Blueberry : ブルーベリー Cake : ケーキ Calpis/Calpico : カルピス Candy : キャンディー Caramel : キャラメル Cheese : チーズ Chocolate : チョコレート (チョコ for short)  or ショコラ Coffee : コーヒー Cookie : クッキー Cream : クリーム Cute : かわいい Fizzy : しゅわ[しゅわ] Flavor : 昧 Fruit(s) : フルーツ Grainy : つぶつぶ Green Tea : 抹茶 (kanji form) or まっちゃ(hiragana form) Hi-Chew : ハイチュウ Japan(town) : 日本(町) Jelly : ゼリー Love : 大好き Mango : […]

What is the purpose of this blog? Read my “About” page and find out, I’m too lazy to repeat myself. When are updates? As of now (03/30/11), I type up reviews and post them every four days at 12:00A.M. (Pacific Time) There will be some exceptions though. What are the exceptions? Exceptions are either posts […]