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I got my new camera! Yay! So this is going to be the last post with pictures taken from my old camera. I bought an Olympus 14MP camera (30x optical zoom). Taste: The taste is pretty good. It’s not like really a legit kiwi flavor, but it’s still good. It kind of reminds me more […]

I’ve been going to this SAT prep place for a while, and now I finally get to quit! Yay! It was so boring. The teacher was a total idiot and gross too, he was always stretching and his shirt was too small so it always showed his skin. Ew. Anyhow, the week I quit, I […]

I really have a hard time doing “old stuff” after I get “new things”. Like, after I get a new haul, I really want to hurry up and eat+review the snacks, but then I remember that I still have stuff left over, so I can’t do that. This is one of those “old things” that […]

Note: Just an update on the HK haul, my cousin’s cousin has come back so now I just have to wait to receive the stuff. 今日は七夕です。(7・7) Today is the Tanabata Festival (7/7).  Tanabata is a star festival. It’s most famous for (at least according to me), its legend. The legend is of two lovers who […]

Packaging: I love Kasugai’s packaging for all it’s gummies. I love the way they put a picture of the fruit on the package, such an awesome macro-shot, and it makes it look so delicious and juicy. It makes my mouth water. I haven’t really tried Muscat(like the actual fruit…white grape), but I like anything “exotic-sounding.” […]

  ラムネいろいろ or Ramune Iro Iro. Some explanation is necessary I believe. Well, Ramune a soda drink that originated in Japan. You may have, if you don’t live in Japan, seen it in some asian markets. It’s known for the shape of the bottle and the marble inside. They are in Codd-neck bottles. To open it, […]